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BTS To Release New Digital Single "Take Two" For 10th Anniversary!

Global boy group phenomenon, BTS, is back! Just a short break from their indefinite hiatus, the group announced on its official Twitter account on May 31 that it will release a new digital single "Take Two" on June 9, 2023! Read on to find out more about this delightful surprise!

"Take Two" promotional poster (Big Hit Music)
"Take Two" promotional poster (Big Hit Music)

Currently, with two (J-hope and Jin) of the group's seven members currently serving in the military service, fans can only wait until all members have been brought back together for a new song. But in a very calculated surprise by Big Hit Music, the global K-pop sensation has recorded a surprise track for their 10th anniversary! Let's break down this new single!

According to Big Hit, "Take Two" is a "fan song" that contains the affection and stories that BTS wants to convey to fans in commemoration of the 10th anniversary of their debut, which is on June 13th. Here is the official posting by Big Hit to ARMY!

Translation by @jeongkkook_ on Twitter
Translation by @jeongkkook_ on Twitter

SUGA helped to produce the song while RM and J-hope added their sincerity by participating in the song. "Take Two" is a homage to ARMY (BTS's fandom) through the years sharing brilliant moments, gratitude from the fans, and hope to continue into the future!

What a great surprise! We can't wait to hear about this new single! What are your thoughts? Are you excited? Let us know in the comments below!

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