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Can A Korean Man & A Korean Woman Be Just Friends?

Riding on a wave of good feels and comedic moments, the ongoing drama Love Is for Suckers starring Choi Siwon and Lee Da Hee poses a question that many in Korean society have been dying to know, can a Korean man and a Korean woman be just friends? Today we find out in a fun little interview, but Cosmopolitan Korea, if they really can!

Lee Da Hee & Choi Siwon pose for their Cosmopolitan shoot (Cosmopolitan)
Lee Da Hee & Choi Siwon pose for their Cosmopolitan shoot (Cosmopolitan)

The two stunning actors may have amazing on-screen chemistry, but what about off-screen? The following video by Cosmopolitan Korea dives straight into their "extra realistic romance chemistry" as they quiz each other!

As the two started a TMI quiz, we really could feel that they really are good friends! They were very comfortable with each other as Siwon would just say one word, like "meat", and Da Hee would know exactly what he was talking about!

As for their Love Is for Suckers character romance questions, the two were able to answer the majority of the questions with the same answers! They were able to add some of their own personal thoughts to dating as well! Lee Da Hee was able to explain that she's the type of person to solve things on the spot rather than wait until later since she's a very emotional person and won't admit her faults so she would fight emotionally.

Check out the Cosmopolitan photo shoot!

This interview was so much fun to watch! Let us know your thoughts about the chemistry between these two!

You can watch Love Is for Suckers every Wednesday and Thursday at 21:00 KST on ENA starting October 5th.

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