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Fashion Icons Emirati Twins With BTS's J-HOPE!

A close-up of the Emirati twins, who have become globally renowned for their well-coordinated, colorful matching styles and aesthetically pleasing social media accounts, at several fashion shows, were in Paris for the menswear week.

The fashion twins photographed the most important events that they saw in the form of a vlog. They talked about the most important events, including seeing J-Hope in front of them when they entered the show.

From the Instgram reel of @twinshadban

From the Instgram reel of @twinshadban

When the twins received an invitation to attend the fashion show for Louis Vuitton,

they were excited and very happy after knowing that J-Hope also received an invitation like theirs. Their "hopes" increased when they saw the fashion house tweeting that J-Hope will attend the event.

#jhope joins as new #LouisVuitton House Ambassador. The Maison is delighted to welcome the South Korean artist, who brings his unique charm and style to this exciting new chapter

▪︎ Louis Vuitton Tweet.

And this is the outfit they choose to attend the Louis Vuitton event with BTS Jhope.

The Emirati twins outfits and Jhope outfit in

(Louis Vuitton) were decorated with a different colors.

• The reel they shared on the instgram:

Then they went to the #Dior #DiorWinter23 show and saw J-Hope for the second time!

They also shared a video that showed that they also saw BTS's Jimin during the Dior event on their Snapchat and an Instagram reel that resumed the event's important moments.

The Emirati twins and Jhope outfits in (Dior) were almost also the same color.

J-hope at the Dior event ( photos from the instgram reel of @twinshadban )

An instgram reel of @twinshadban

From the instgram reel of @twinshadban

Although they saw Blackpink's Jisoo, as well as BTS's Jimin, they only mentioned J-Hope.

With reference to previous events that they also saw Cha Eun Woo at the Dior event in Egypt last December.

Their fans were so thankful for them for sharing these amazing moments and making them feel that they are with J-Hope! Let us know if you also felt the same in the comments!

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