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"Everyone's been waiting for this!" Suzy and Park Bo Gum star in new sci-fi film "Wonderland"!

Not only do the popular actors Bae Suzy and Park Bo Gum have tremendous support in South Korea, but abroad as well! The two superstar K-drama actors will be working together for the first time on the new sci-fi fantasy film Wonderland! We break down this amazing news!

Wonderland is a sci-fi fantasy film set to be released this summer on June 5, 2024, and is planned to be available for streaming on Netflix (except in South Korea and China).


What if we could reunite with loved ones who have passed away via virtual reality? Wonderland tells the story of a virtual world called "Wonderland", a simulated space where people can reunite with a person who they might not be able to see via artificial intelligence.

Bae Suzy, who has just recently finished filming Doona! (2023) will be back on the screen playing as "Jeongin", a woman in her 20s, who restores her boyfriend from an accident in "Wonderland". The film will explore her various feelings of happiness, confusion, comfort, and longing between the virtual reality world and the real world.

Park Bo Gum will play the role of "Taeju", Jeongin's boyfriend, who wakes up from unconsciousness and acts like a completely different person than what Jeongin knows in "Wonderland". Park Bo Gum's challenge will be to express both sides of the character of a very fragile soul who is set in confusion due to the artificial intelligence setting of "Wonderland".

Despite working together for the first time, Wonderland director, Kim Tae Yong, praised the actors for their on-screen affectionate lovers' chemistry! We can't wait to see what this movie has in store!

Check out the trailer!

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