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Fans are shocked at the striking similarities between Le Sserafim's Kazuha and Bae Suzy with her bangs down!

Le Sserafim is on a roll in the global pop scene as they slayed with their latest single "Easy" snagging their sixth win at M Countdown on March 7, 2024, and breaking Billboard's Top 100 (at number 99) just several days ago! Just recently, Le Sserafim's most-talked-about member, Kazuha, shared some behind-the-scenes photos from their latest single "Smart" that made fans do a double-take! Read on to check out the shocking photos!

The gorgeous Japanese rapper and ex-ballet dancer Kazuha shared behind-the-scenes photos of herself with her bangs down making her look like the stunt double for ex-idol and current actress Bae Suzy! The Japanese idol drew attention to her shocking similarities as a parody to Bae Suzy's latest romantic K-drama Doona!. Fans were excited to see Kazuha introduce the new hairstyle for Le Sserafim's newest single "Smart". Take a look!

Kazuha seemed to release several photos during the music video shoot. In the photos, we can see her hair is straightened to show off the innocent beauty that she is known for! She is said to look like Suzy with this hairstyle.

The photos drew many comments from fans saying, "I thought it was real Suzy," "She must know that she looks like her," and "Even if it's Suzy's younger sister, I would believe it."

Take a look at this "Smart" performance from Kazuah and let us know if you can see the similarities!

Comment below which hairstyle you prefer from Kazuha! She is such an amazing performer and we support her style and fashion no matter what! Let us know what you think!

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