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[EXCLUSIVE Interview] "Physical 100" Season 1 contestant Jeong Han Saem!

Physical 100 is coming back to our screens in March this year, and if you had as much fun watching the first series, you will be sure to tune in for the second season!

We recently interviewed Jeong Han Saem who was a contestant on the Netflix show Physical 100 Season 1, to find out more about the show, as well as his successful career as a South Korean Actor & Model!

Profile Shot of Jeong Han-Saem - South Korea (Busan). Source - Han-Saem
Profile Shot of Jeong Han Saem - South Korea (Busan). Source - Han Saem

Han Saem, tell me a few things about yourself.

My name Han Saem, and I am 31 years old, however, you may know me by my stage name which is Jeong Han Saem, and I am a Korean actor and model, and I run a fitness center in Busan.

Backstage on the set of the Netflix Show - ‘Physical 100’. - Photo provided by HanSaem
Backstage on the set of the Netflix Show - "Physical 100" - Photo provided by Han Saem

You were a contestant on the latest Netflix show Physical 100 Season 1. What were the highlights of being on the show, and how did the role work?

Many applicants wanted to appear on the show, and we were selected through several interviews. Actually. In the first team mission, "Moving Sand", I had organized the plan, as to how my team would compete in the challenge, and I had actually made the most important bridge as well in the game, as well as being confident and being able to run for a long time during the TOP20 game, but unfortunately, I was eliminated.

Can you give me some insight into your workout routine with experience appearing on Netflix's Physical 100 Season 1? And what was the hardest part of the show?

I think that the body function of every contestant had to be excellent as well as the balance being good, and of course, there were many national athletes and talented people who I was competing against, so, of course, I was worried at first. But once I had worked out the balance of using my strength and skills I learned how to play the game more effectively. 

Netflix Physical 100 Series 1 teaser. Photo: Netflix
Netflix "Physical 100" Season 1 teaser. Photo: Netflix

What do you think of Korea's entertainment industry compared to other countries? 

I think that there are many interesting, cool, and pretty people in Korea, so I think it can be hard to succeed in the entertainment industry. However, if you are unique and have skills, then I believe that you will be successful someday, but the industry is good to work in and it faces challenges like most countries. 

What made you want to enter the acting and modeling industry, and how did it happen?

I liked to step up of the industry, and I used to get attention when I was young. After majoring in physical education, I started working as a fitness model first, and then I started to develop my dream of becoming an actor and model, from there I was lucky to appear on broadcasts.

Seoul Fashion Week 2023 -  Photo provided by Han-Saem. Seoul, South Korea. Source - Han-Saem
Seoul Fashion Week 2023 - Photo provided by Han Saem. Seoul, South Korea. Source - Han Saem

What skills are most valuable as an actor/model?

For me, I would have to say that it's having a defined muscular body, which I always work hard to maintain, as well as having a powerful dance and acrobatic skills, and of course a good-looking charismatic face. 

You performed on the TV Show Mr. Trot before, so could you share the details?  

I was invited to audition for the show, and after doing so, I was chosen to sing in Mr.Trot. I sang trot with a body performance; I like to sing and with hard work, and I was able to appear on the show.

Live on the set of the stage show ‘Wild Wild’.-  (Photo provided by Han-Saem'. Busan - South Korea
Live on the set of the stage show "Wild Wild".- (Photo provided by Han Saem). Busan - South Korea

You are a cast member and dancer of "Wild Wild". Can you tell us your role and what happened to it? Is there any difficulty?

On the show Wild Wild I play the most important opening role, and then in each scene, I play an auxiliary role, who is also the main character of "Nanta's scene". It's a really good show, and of course it's a physical job, but I am having a great time!

Han Saem in your career, what have been the highlights so far, and what have been the most challenging points?

Right now, the highlight is working as an actor and model in my various roles as it always brings new opportunities, however, I plan to improve my skills and appear on other broadcasts to do various activities such as broadcasting and movies soon. 

Model photo shoot - Hansaem provided the photo. (Seoul, South Korea) Source - Han-Saem -
Model photoshoot - Han Saem provided the photo. (Seoul, South Korea) Source - Han Saem

What can we expect from you in the near future?

It's a secret, but I'm preparing for some broadcasting auditions, as well as preparing for a concert abroad. 

Please can you say a few words for the readers at Dojeon Media?

Thank you for your interest in me and your interview. I'll always show you my passionate growth. Please take good care of me.

Let us know in the comments section who you would like us to interview!


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