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[EXLUSIVE] HYOR'S Story - Why are Koreans so good at dancing? We find out!

In recent years, the "K-Wave" sensation has been taking over Korea, and many other countries. As part of this, the interest and take-up of people creating viral videos related to dance has increased dramatically. To get a better understanding of why the "K-Wave" especially through dance has become so popular. We interviewed HYOR who is a dancer and YouTuber from Daegu, Korea to find out why this is!

Now, you may already know him with an extensive following on social media (YouTube - 10,100 subscribers, TikTok - 317,900 followers, and Instagram 33,300 followers) in the interview we discussed the highlights and challenges that he has faced in his career, but also what hurdles there are and obstacles for the younger generation since the rise of K-Culture outside of the big cities. 

Profile for HYOR - Photo provided by HYOR.
Profile for HYOR - Photo provided by HYOR.

You can subscribe to HYOR's YouTube channel here:

Can you please tell us about yourself?

My name is Hyor, I am from Daegu, Korea, and I am a content creator, who specializes in dance. I create and upload content on YouTube and other social media platforms. 

Can you share more details about your performances?

I mainly perform K-pop dance covers and short performance challenges. I tend to focus on group dances more, as they tend to have the biggest following and trends amongst the younger generation. I also think the strengths of my performances are my diverse facial expressions and relaxed dance moves. While participating in "RPD", I mainly try to show several different genres of dance through many songs, that my fans want to see. 

Dongseong-Ro, Daegu Korea - Busking and outdoor performance space. HYOR performing.
Dongseong-Ro, Daegu Korea - Busking and outdoor performance space. HYOR performing.

From the "K-Wave" culture, who has been your inspiration to create content?

The person that had the biggest influence on me, has to be IU.  I have admired her since I was young, and her success has inspired me to do well. Listening to her has taught me how to deal with any hurdles that I may face. So, whether I'm having a hard time or a happy time, I always feel comforted and motivated by the words of IU. She has been the driving force behind me and as a result, allowed me to create good content. 

Dongseong-Ro, Daegu Korea - Busking and outdoor performance space. HYOR performing.
Dongseong-Ro, Daegu Korea - Busking and outdoor performance space. HYOR performing.

Are there any artists that you would like to work with?

It would be an honor to work with anyone, but I would like to work with IVE. They are a group that uses awesome dance moves and facial expressions well and a group, I think, suits me well. IVE has proudly revealed their own identity and have no hesitation in expressing it. I think that we would be able to work well together and achieve great things!

What can we expect from you in 2024?

My goal for this year is to intentionally develop myself further as a person. This will then let me challenge various genres, and shoot videos in various locations and with various appearances. I also want to collaborate with many people. I'm also planning to upload a dance tutorial video and give a lecture on how to use the facial expressions I use most, and hope that these tutorial videos will inspire other young dancers!

Please say a few words to the readers at Dojeon Media!

Thank you so much for supporting me, and I will continue to develop and improve, and create lot’s more content. Thank you so much for your anticipation, interest, & love. I love you all so much!

Let us know why you think Koreans are so good at dancing in the comments below, and let us know if you have been influenced by any K-POP artists.


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