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An "Under The Sea" experience in the heart of South Korea! Daegu's shopping mall aquarium!

Have you ever wanted to see a real-life mermaid? Or simply see all the amazing sea creatures first-hand? Well if you are like me, it has been on my bucket list for a while! Come on an extraordinary journey with me as I uncover the wonders at the indoor Daegu shopping mall aquarium!

Daegu Aquarium. Photo: Lewis Hooper

I was really excited to visit the aquarium. Located on the 9th floor of Shinsegae department store at Dongdaegu station - Daegu, South Korea, the aquarium hosts a wide variety of animals and it has something fun for all ages!

Living in Daegu, I had always been keen to visit - but never really had the time to. Being offered a discounted ticket through a third party, I took the opportunity to visit on a Sunday afternoon, and it was well worth the visit. 

I was surprised at the vast size of the aquarium, and the number of different species that were there. Also, part way around there was an area that was homed to small water turtles, guinea pigs, and chipmunks, all of which you were able to hand feed - and food was available for purchase for around 1,000 KRW at a small food stand inside. This was a nice way to interact with the animals, especially for children to be able to touch and learn about the animals that they were looking at. 

During set times throughout the day, the aquarium puts on 4 different underwater performances, "The Mermaid of the Blue Sea", "The Sea Lion Ecology Briefing", "Hello Mermaid", and "Ocean Friends Feeding Time". 

"Hello Mermaid" show. Photo: Lewis Hooper Daegu aquarium
"Hello Mermaid" show. Photo: Lewis Hooper

Fortunately, I got to see two shows "Hello Mermaid", and "Ocean Friends Feeding Time", both of which were really entertaining and a nice way to relax and experience "Under the Sea Life" in a different tranquil way. It was so amazing and something to post on your Instagram!

After watching the show, you can take a walk over the large tank, on a secured netted rope, looking down to the home of sharks, stingrays, and many more sea life in the deep tank below. This was a really good experience, as you got to not only see the animals from a different light but also see the vast scale of the tank where the shows were held. This is a really interactive way to feel a part of the performance, and for children, this would probably be a highlight. (I also really enjoyed it!)

Feeding time at Daegu Aquarium. Photo: KKDay.

I would recommend visiting if you have time as this was a great afternoon out, especially in the rainy season or cold Korean winter days! This is something not to be missed!

Check out the link below to purchase tickets:

Tag us in your pictures and videos when you visit this amazing attraction.


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