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EXO's Suho is back with a new period drama "Missing Crown Prince"! And why you don't want to miss it!

EXO's Suho returns as he takes the lead in MBN's new period drama Missing Crown Prince (The Crown Prince Has Disappeared)! We take a look at the cast and the intriguing plot line that makes this drama a must-watch!

Originally set to premiere on April 9, 2024, MBN announced the series postponement to April 13, 2024 instead. The drama is a spinoff of the period drama Bossam: Steal the Fate (2021) and will be a stand-alone series.

A plotline with a twist!

What really has us intrigued with this new series is its plot line! Set in the Joseon Dynasty, this romantic comedy is about a crown prince, Yi Geon (Suho Behind Your Touch 2023), King Hae Jong's oldest son, who is kidnapped by a woman who desires to be his wife. This young woman, Choi Myung Yoon (Hong Ye Ji), is a superb horseback rider and is good with medicine. The two embark on a romantic relationship as they flee from pursuers.

Amazing cast!

Not only are the leads a breath of fresh air, but the supporting cast is wonderful and very experienced! Myung Se Bin (Doctor Cha 2023) plays Queen Min Soo Ryeon and Kim Joo Hun (Castaway Diva 2023) plays Choi San Rok, Choi Myung Yoon's father who is a respected physician.

Not to also mention that Produce 101 trainee, Kim Min Kyo will be making his fifth appearance in a drama as Grand Prince Doseong, Yi Geon's half-brother who is an expert in martial arts. We can't wait to see what this period drama has to offer!

So let us know what you are expecting from this highly-anticipated drama in the comments below! Will you be watching?


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