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Goodbye Jin! ( Sad news for BTS ARMYs )

Expect at any moment that you will hear the news that Jin has entered the army!

We do not know exactly when the army will enter, maybe this week and maybe next week, and the reason is in this report:

By 연합뉴스

It is known that Jin asked to postpone the service until he reaches 30 years old, that is, until December 31, because by December 4, he will be 30 years old.

But yesterday, Jin shocked all ARMYs and canceled the military postponement to the Military Manpower Association, because apparently, he will not wait until he is 30 years old.

This means that at any moment you will hear about Jin entering the army this week or next week!

It's sad news, especially for ARMYs who will miss him a lot!

But we all wish him to stay safe and healthy. What are your thoughts?

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