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BTS' Jin Cancels Military Postponement

Last month, right after their hit concert 'Yet To Come in Busan', the phenomenal K–pop group BTS confirmed their enlistment into the military, starting with the eldest member Jin. According to their company HYBE, he was supposed to enlist right after he had finished promoting his new single 'Astronaut'.

Jin performing with Coldplay at their concert Argentina

Well, apparently earlier today news came that the singer supposedly submitted the application to cancel his military postponement, which allowed him to not have to enlist until the end of the year. If that rumor were true, it would make the singer eligible to be called into the military any time now.

This news came right after the confirmation from HYBE's CEO that BTS' leader RM is going to release new music by the end of 2022, while the rest of the members – SUGA, Jimin, V, and Jungkook – are said to do so sometime in 2023. If you weren't aware, every member will enlist in the military right after releasing their solo music.

But do not panic! In the same notice where they announced BTS' plans to enlist into the military, HYBE has also announced their intention to regroup in 2025. Not too far off, right?

What do you think? We can wait until 2025, can't we?

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