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Hybe's New Boy Group BOYNEXTDOOR Goes Crazy For Teenage Love!

HYBE's next big boy group, BOYNEXTDOOR, just dropped their much anticipated single "돌아버리겠다" (I'm going crazy) and has already garnered over 2.4 million views! BOYNEXTDOOR has high expectations being compared to the "next BTS", but with members still in their teens, the group has a long way to go before reaching the success their sunbaes (seniors) have! Let's take a look at their debut single and behind-the-scenes photos!

With dashing good looks and a beautiful female lead, "I'm going crazy" definitely looks to be a hit! BOYNEXTDOOR has ZICO-influenced rap styles. Even if ZICO didn't contribute to the group's lyrics, there were hints of his style within the song that we appreciated!

Colorful, light-hearted, and teenage love were the main themes of this music video! Although the single was quite short, about 2 minutes and 30 seconds, as expected HYBE looked to test the market audience and see if fans really loved this new group's style.

Meanwhile, check out the group's m/v photos!


We're expecting a rollout of hit singles from BOYNEXTDOOR within the next several months along with dance challenges and television appearances! Let us know your thoughts about this exciting new group! Who is your favorite member so far? Let us know in the comments!

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Hwiyang Nim
Hwiyang Nim
12 jun 2023

one of them looks like seunghoon.

Me gusta
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