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J-Hope Can't Stop Laughing At Taehyung! BTS Plans Their Own 10-Year FESTA!

In a fun and relaxed video, the boys from BTS got together, for the last time before their individual military services to come up with ideas to thank and promote their 10-year anniversary! Let's take a look at this fun episode!

In true BTS fashion, the superstar boy group always thinks unselfishly as they think of ideas about how to give back to their faithful fans, ARMY! Last year's nine-year celebration was a collaboration with Google Arts and Culture Galleries to get personalized BTS messages on Google! Of course, this year had to top it so the boys went to work thinking about ideas on how they can decorate Seoul with their heartfelt messages and drop their new digital single, "Take Two", which was released on June 9, 2023.

As each member took time to create a message to ARMY, V aka Taehyung, was deep in thought for 10 minutes! When it was his turn to present his idea, the only thing he drew was a heart! Of course his fellow members made fun of him!

J-Hope finally tells Taehyung to add "borahae" (I purple you) or "I will be with you until the end." to his card!

BTS finally agrees with the name of their project, "AFBF 10" (ARMY Forever Bangtan Forever), and heads to the studio to take photos for their advertisement! J-hope tells everyone that they are preparing gifts for all their fans with purple boxes! Take a look at their photoshoot!

The 2023 BTS FESTA is scheduled to begin on Monday, June 12 with all kinds of activities and lighting in Seoul. Stay tuned for more details on what events will happen as we near the exciting week! Also, follow our social media for a special BTS FESTA GIVEAWAY!

Watch the whole episode here!

You can check out the 2023 BTS FESTA timeline here!


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