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Jungkook at Coachella: "I'm human too"! (The FULL Story!)

Jeon Jungkook the youngest member of BTS was hoping to have his privacy while he was in California! There were rumors about the BTS maknae that violated his privacy, which caused him to feel uncomfortable and spoiled his joy! But how did these rumors start? And are they true? Let’s find out!

Coachella is one of the most anticipated and prestigious music festivals in the world.

It features a diverse lineup of artists from different genres and backgrounds, and it attracts thousands of music lovers and celebrities every year.

Coachella 2023 started Friday, April 14 with the headliners including BLACKPINK, Bad Bunny, and Frank Ocean!

Rumors spread across Twitter and the internet that there would be a surprise event from the Coachella Universal Music group.

And wow! Rumors began spinning and people started speculating that Jungkook might be having a surprise performance at Coachella!

Although the rumors were crazy and unbelievable, fans have come up with an interesting theory that this might be possible.

However, there were no official announcements from Jungkook's agency. Hybe nor Coachella organizers have given any official statement or confirmation about this schedule. So, none of these rumors were confirmed. But a lot of fans decided to attend anyways after hearing those rumors!

And surprise! Jungkook did come! He came out on Coachella's live stream when he was watching kid Laroi's stage performance, you can see him in the crowd! It's really cute because he was filming for his memories!

If you didn't find him quickly from the video, here are photos from an ARMY tweet on Twitter where she found and mentioned him!

@bangbdshotpiss tweet.

Jungkook was at Coachella having some fun and unfortunately, a lot of people in the audience were taking photos of him without his consent when he wasn't performing on stage!

After that incident, Jungkook attended the Coachella festival and was spotted by the fans. He shared a message on Weverse reacting to it. He officially posted a photo on Weverse stating, "It kind of feels good there was this photograph of him relaxing at that moment!" It was a really quick snapshot of him and he did this for us (ARMY) and we know he's probably thinking, "You know ARMY's want to see me!" So he did it!

As translated by Twitter user @BTStranslation_ , Jungkook wrote on Weverse :

"Man, I intended to visit Coachella quietly but (people) recognized me right away ... ARMYs are incredible ... thank you ... love you ... how did you recognize me, I even trimmed my bangs ...(I took this pic in a hurry to show armys, it would be nice if you would recognize that). (This is how) it feels to be a celebrity, feels nice for no reason) heh..."
  • Jungkook Weverse post

Many ARMYs were feeling like there was just something wrong about taking a photo of him when he was just trying to enjoy his private time. We could have just waited for him to share this post. Many fans felt it was like really honest of him to say that he wanted to watch Coachella quietly, but he just got caught right away!

“I was going to watch Coachella quietly” He definitely didn’t want anyone to know and wanted to enjoy his private time without pictures and videos of him spreading on the internet and people making up rumors and lies about him to make certain flops relevant.

A lot of ARMYs were feeling bad about this, but they couldn't control this unfortunately. They can't make people not take photos, not bother him, but we hope that what happened will change people's minds that that's not okay!

So this is what happened when one of the most famous people on Earth attends one of the largest concerts! Let us know in the comments below how you feel!

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