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Jungkook's Reaction To Jimin's "SET ME FREE"!

BTS Jungkook always supports the other members, he is one of the humblest idols you can ever see! He loves helping people and treats everyone with respect.

BTS Jungkook is not only an amazing singer and dancer, but he is also one of the most hard-working, helpful, and charming individuals. He decided to support Jimin in front of everyone by having four Weverse lives on four different days where he supported Jimin and shared his reaction.


But let's go through the full story!

On March 24, “Set Me Free Pt 2”, the pre-release single for Jimin’s album Face, dropped and changed the trajectory of ARMYs’ lives.

The “Pt.2” in the title references BTS bandmate SUGA’s solo song “Set Me Free,” a track off of “D-2,” released under his solo moniker, Agust D, in 2020. In the interview, Jimin stated that he intended the songs to stand alone, but the subject matter of the two complement each other.

“My song talks about freedom and moving forward, and SUGA’s song talks about some of the stories that come before,”


After that Jungkook deleted the Instagram he commented and stated that he would rather live on Weverse. And he did just that!

For his friend Jimin, he has done four Weverse lives on four different days where he has supported him.

Jungkook shared his reaction in life on Weverse where he seemed to be very proud of Jimin!

He didn't blink! He looked so thrilled happy and proud while watching it, and it shows how supportive he always is!

At first, Jungkook started to sing Jimin's video song, and a lot of ARMYs noticed that he knows every single lyric of the song, and this brings us to the idea of how many times he saw Jimin practice this song for him to know every word when he is just reacting to the MV back then?

This is the Jungkook reaction video if you've already missed it! :

It shows his love and support for Jimin.

I laugh so much from the beginning though when he covered his face and said he didn't like bright things. Didn't expect that from him but that just made him so much more adorable 😍

An ARMY comment.

One of the important reasons for Jungkook to make a reaction to Jimin MV is the fact that he missed him.

This shows how much Jungkook values friendship, and how much he loves his friends.

Jungkook proved how much he is such an adorable person who can support his close friends.

An ARMY recommended in 2019 to Jungkook make his own YouTube channel to share his reaction videos on it! It's a great idea although four years have already passed it is still an amazing idea that it's still needed!

How does this idea sound to you? Do you agree with that? And how was Jungkook reaction to you and what did you notice the most?

Finally, we're all proud of our mochi, a huge congratulations to Jimin on his incredible new solo song!

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if Jungkook has any Youtube account, i will subscribe, he is pure funny

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