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JYP's new international girl group VCHA breaking all sorts of K-pop norms! And we love it!

JYP Entertainment's international girl group, VCHA, is back with their first official single debut album "Girls of the Year"! The multicultural and multinational K-pop group is not only turning heads but is also a force to be reckoned with and we're all for it! We break down their new single and their live tour details!

With over 300,000 views after two hours upon release, VCHA's new single "Girls of the Year" was released on JYP Entertainment's YouTube channel on Friday, January 26, 2024! The reality show (A2K) turned K-pop idols showed that they have definitely improved in every aspect of their careers since their trainee days!

Full of sass and charisma!

Attitude. Check. Dance moves. Check. Vocals. Check. The girls of VCHA have proven time over time that there is no ceiling to their talents! Not only were their acting skills on display throughout the M/V, but they are mastering killer facial expressions toward the camera (one that was quite difficult at times during their trainee and pre-debut) while performing difficult choreography! Shout out to Kaylee for the amazing visuals!

A new year, a new group!

As stated in the group's new single, the VCHA aims to be the top K-pop group for years to come!

Partnering with TWICE!

VCHA will start the new year touring with world-renowned TWICE on their fifth world tour in Mexico on February 2-3, in Brazil on February 6-7, and in Las Vegas on March 16! The girls will be the opening act for the "Ready to Be World Tour" happening right now until February 6th!

Let us know if you support VCHA and its vision! Comment below with your thoughts on this new single!


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