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Here's How Korean Netizens Are Reacting To JYP's All-American Pop Group VCHA!

JYP's most recent debut of all-American pop group VCHA has many Korean netizens wondering "What is going on?"! We break down what they think of this newly formed group and what to expect from their upcoming debut!

JYP's new all-American girl group VCHA (JYP Entertainment)
JYP's new all-American girl group VCHA (JYP Entertainment)

Stemming from JYP's own K-pop reality show "A2K" (America 2 Korea), VCHA consists of six girls from North America (one Canadian). They are:

Lexi, 17 (American)

Camila, 18 (Canadian)

Kendall, 17 (American)

Savanna, 17 (American)

KG, 16 (American)

Kaylee, 13 (American)

If you didn't know, VCHA has already made its first pre-debut performance! Their first pre-debut single M/V "Y.O. Universe" was released on JYP's YouTube channel right after the final group rankings were announced on September 22, 2023. Check it out!

JYP already has the girls performing live in the past several days promoting them as its new super global girl group specifically on KBS World TV's "Music Bank"!

So what are Korean netizens saying?

Riding through a long emotional rollercoaster, many global fans are giving the newly-formed group words of encouragement since the whole process took about a year (6 months for auditions and L.A. Bootcamp and another 4-6 months in Korea training and making their final debut).

Korean netizens were not so forgiving as many stated that Kendall should've stayed back to debut with a full Korean girl group. Others were concerned about Kaylee's age while some commented on the group's lack of cohesiveness (visually).

"It's like they're doing a group project in a dance-related American drama."

"춤 관련 미드에 나오는 조별과제 하는 애들 같음"

"Friend born in 2009 what's up? You look like a real baby lol" (Regarding Kaylee's age)

09년생 친구 무슨일이야 진짜 아기같아 ㅋㅋㅋ

"Westerners already see Asians as young, but they were very embarrassed to bring a child. When I went to a K-pop event in New York and talked about this broadcast with an American next door, my first speech was that Kaylee looked too young. I'm not picking a fight. I'm really worried That's what I heard."

"서양 사람들은 가뜩이나 동양인 어리게 보는데 아예 어린애를 데려와서 엄청 당황하더라. 뉴욕 케이팝 행사 가서 옆자리 미국 사람이랑 이 방송 얘기하는데 첫 말문이 케일리 너무 어려보인다였어. 시비 거는게 아니라 진짜 걱정된다 그러더라."

"At first, I didn't think it would fit well, but looking at the group photo, it's surprisingly harmonious Lol Cuteness!"

"처음엔 그림체 합이 좀 안 맞을까 싶었는데 단체사진 보니까 의외로 조화롭다ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ 귀여움"

After going through many comments, we realized that Koreans are more concerned about the group's image and Kaylee's age. As for the song and dancing, they praised the group for their hard work and good singing. What are your thoughts about VCHA's image and its cohesiveness? Do you think this will be the next global girl group? Or will this be another flop? Comment below!

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