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Kim Do Ki Rises From the Dead In the Latest Episode of "Taxi Driver 2"!

Our dashing sunglasses-wearing taxi-driving hero Kim Do Ki (Lee Je Hoon Move to Heaven 2021) returns from the dead on the latest episodes of Taxi Driver 2! Let's check out what really happened before his taxi exploded!

Spoiler Alert!

Episode 11 starts off with our "Taxi Squad" in tears as they follow our hero, Kim Do Ki, signing off as usual after solving every case. But on this night, something's not right. Do Ki's taxi stops responding to his controls and communications have been compromised! Our "Taxi Squad" only witnessed the taxi blowing up in the middle of the street but didn't see Do Ki jumping out at the last second. Pyo Ye Jin (Ahn Go Eun) is a tremendous actress as she pulls off crying her eyes out at Do Ki's pretended funeral.

It turns out that our heroic team has been compromised by none other than our vicious villain, On Ha Joon! It seems that the team has been suspicious of his activities ever since the day he joined the taxi club and even has the police department under his finger.

Our "Taxi Squad" traces the suspects back to a mysterious club called "Black Sun" where Kim Do Ki witnesses a reporter, Kim Yong Min (Baek Soo Jang The Good Detective 2 2022), getting beaten up by the club's bouncers. Do Ki rescues the reporter with a few good jabs to the two bouncers knocking them out. It seems that Kim Yong Min has been recording himself getting beat up by the club in order to cut a deal.

Meanwhile, our evil villain On Ha Joon (Shin Jae Ha) is planning something to get revenge on the "Taxi Squad", but he receives an order from someone called the "Bishop" to stop what he is doing and continue with his "work". He meets another evil boss at Club Black Sun named CEO Yang (Yoo Ji Yeon Doctor Lawyer 2022). It seems that CEO Yang is just as evil as Ha Joon as the two play a "game" of beating up the security guards.

While that is going on, Kim Do Ki has disguised himself as one of the security guards and volunteers to drive a drunk girl to a secret location, ordered by the club boss. While driving, he is tailed by the reporter, Kim Yong Min, and actually saves his life as Yong Min tries to take his revenge on the security guards without knowing Do Ki is the one driving the car. As Do Ki and Yong Min meet, Yong Min spills his secret that the reason why he is holding a grudge against Club Black Sun is that he had befriended a police detective a while ago who tried to uncover the secret dealings of the club, but was found dead before uncovering the truth.

That's when our "Taxi Squad" decides to take his case! Wow! It looks like Club Black Sun will hold the truth behind who is pulling all the strings! It seems that the Kim Yong Min case will be the main case covering 3 or more episodes! Let us know your theories on what will happen and what you thought about the latest episodes!


This movie is awesome. The movie looks good. I'm excited to watch it😍🤗


Apr 05, 2023

Wow ! I can’t wait to watch it! So cool!

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