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'Reborn Rich' Finishes In Dramatic Fashion! Who Killed Jin Do Jun?

JTBC's Reborn Rich capped off an amazing season on December 25 as Song Joong Ki delivers another epic performance in the most-watched drama during the fall season! The finale took an extraordinary turn as we find out the truth about who killed Jin Do Jun (Song Joong Ki)! Let's find out!

Spoiler Alert!

Leading into the final episode, we find out that Jin Do Jun has been in another traffic accident, this time, killing him as he is rear-ended by a truck. Questions surround his death as we find out that Yoon Hyun Woo (Song Joong Ki) comes out of a coma after being shot in the head in the first episode. With the help of Prosecutor Seo Min Young (Shin Hyun Been Monstrous 2022), he uncovers the real meaning behind Do Jun's death.

"Reborn Rich" still (JTBC)
"Reborn Rich" still (JTBC)

During a public trial of Soonyang Group's illegal succession scandal due to tax evasion, we find out that the eldest son of Soonyang Group's founder, Jin Yang Chul, has ordered the hit on Do Jun. Hyun Woo is ordered by Jin Young Ki's, the eldest son of Jin Yang Chul, the right-hand man to take the fall for the murder by being placed at the spot of the murder.

Thankfully, when Hyun Woo calls Kim Ju Ryeon, Jin Young Ki's right-hand man, to tell him about the murder, he has recorded the conversation proving Jin Young Ki is behind the murder. As the recording is revealed at the trial, the whole Soonyang family unravels and the remaining two siblings forfeit their management rights allowing Hyun Woo to swoop in and take over as Miracle Investment.

Our Thoughts

Another amazing performance by Song Joong Ki! Although confusing in the finale, we thought the attempt to finish the drama was well done and there was a sense of closure and righteousness. Hyun Woo finally got the justice he was seeking and toppled the conglomerate giant that ruined his life.

Which Song Joong Ki drama role is your favorite? Would this be at the top of your list? Let us know!


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