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[Restaurant Review] KPOT Korean BBQ & Hot Pot in Austin Texas! Korean fusion dining at its best!

Location: 5200 Brodie Ln, Sunset Valley, TX 78745


SUN – THURS: 12:00 PM – 10:30 PM (Last seating is at 9:30 PM)

FRI – SAT: 12:00 PM  – 11:30 PM (Last seating is at 10:30 PM)



Hot Pot and KBBQ are the best ways to add a dinner plan when you can't decide. This newly opened, but part of a chain, restaurant in Austin is putting the two together. While Hot Pot is originally a Chinese dish, KPOT is putting a Korean spin on the versatile dish. When I visited for dinner, this spot cemented itself as a new favorite!

KPOT has a nice interior that gives the perfect vibes for a night on the town. Neon signs, a bar, big televisions, and ample space create an ambiance that is in between fancy and low-budget. Upon entering in my blazer and heels, I didn't feel out of place, but I wouldn't have in jeans and a T-shirt either. It's easy to know how popular the place has already become with the wait being 35 minutes on a Tuesday night!

Me, Keeho, and Matthew Enjoying KPOT
Me, Keeho, and Matthew Enjoying KPOT

The staff and food were the highlight of the night, as the hostess welcomed us with the sweetest smile and politely took our names and party numbers. Despite the wait, we were excited to start the night even more. Once seated our waiter was even better, giving us any time we needed to think and explaining the menu and the way things worked. Throughout the night he constantly changed our grill, refilled our drinks, and took more orders of food (and that he did a lot)! He never showed signs of being tired and always offered a big smile and any help we needed!

We decided on just KBBQ that night, but the Hot Pot is an add-on for only $5 extra dollars! I caught myself wanting it as I saw how good it looked passing by me on the waiter's tray. The meat was absolutely amazing and perfectly marinated. We chose almost all of the all-you-can-eat meat, veggies, and seafood, as the portions are small and easy to stack up. You also have free access to a sauce bar with more veggies, fruit, and even a small desert! I had such a fun time there enjoying my food and the music played on the speakers. If you ever decide to come, make sure you work up an appetite and are ready for great service!

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