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[Restaurant Review] Oh K-Dog in Austin, Texas: A mouth-watering Korean street food experience!

Korean street food in Texas? You bet! I'm going to take you through a taste bud journey you're not going to forget! Let's go!

A small Asian-based strip mall named The Crescent is home to plenty of shopping and food spots for both residents and tourists. It's the perfect place to visit to enjoy the beauty of Asian culture in many forms. One noticeable restaurant is one of the most popular for shoppers. Oh K-Dog is a small Korean restaurant that specializes in Korean corndogs and egg toast. Since Korean corndogs are widely acclaimed in America, they are an exceptional spot to enjoy them. In this review, I took the chance to try both of their specialties and bask in the atmosphere!

Upon first walking into this restaurant I knew I’d enjoy it. Why? Because the place was completely packed with happy customers laughing, talking, getting together, and enjoying themselves. However, the smell that came from the open kitchen was even better! The modern-styled shop has a brown wood look that is attractively homey. Once at the register, the customer service was positive, which is always a huge plus when visiting a busy place. The worker even gave me the recommendation of a good dipping sauce to try with my order (garlic, just do it)! 

My chosen order was a classic half mozzarella half sausage corndog, a rice cake corndog, and a bacon and cheese egg toast. They also offer simple boba tea flavors, but I just went with a canned drink in the accessible fridge. After trying the food the restaurant has now become one of my favorites! The classic corndog was an expected pleasant snack, however the rice cake dog was something I had never tried. It with the garlic dipping sauce was so good I was tempted to buy another! The egg toast was absolutely to die for and I absolutely loved it!

Bacon, egg, and cheese toast at Oh K-dog!
Bacon, egg, and cheese toast at Oh K-dog!

Overall my experience at Oh K-Dog was friendly, (stomach) fulfilling and so chill. Rather than a dinner or breakfast spot, it is a great option for a snack or lunch while you mosey down the strip mall. Visit them if you want to enjoy yourself and have some tasty food!

Location: 6929 Airport Blvd. Ste 133, Austin, TX 78752, USA

Phone: (512) 401-3507

Hours: Open every day from 11:00 AM to 9:00 PM

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