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Ringing in the New Year: A Guide to Celebrate New Year’s Eve in Seoul!

As the year comes to a close, Seoul transforms into a lively and festive city, offering a plethora of ways to welcome the New Year. Here’s a guide to making your New Year’s Eve in Seoul a truly unforgettable one!

1. Pick Your Favorite Sweet K-Drama to Savor a Well-Deserved Break

Before the New Year's festivities kick in, take a moment to unwind and relax with your favorite sweet K-drama (. Whether it's a heartwarming romantic series or a delightful comedy, immerse yourself in the captivating world of Korean dramas. It's the perfect way to enjoy a well-deserved break, reflecting on the past year and anticipating the adventures the New Year will bring.

2. Celebrate the Day Off with Family or Friends by Making Traditional Korean Food

New Year’s Eve is a time for connection and celebration. Gather your loved ones, be it family or friends, and embark on a culinary adventure by making traditional Korean food. From the vibrant colors of bibimbap to the comforting warmth of kimchi jjigae, cooking and sharing these dishes can be a meaningful way to welcome the New Year. Create lasting memories as you come together to enjoy the rich flavors of Korean cuisine!

3. Go for a Vibrant Public Event Like Fireworks at the COEX to Celebrate with Friends and Family

For a more communal celebration, head to the heart of Seoul's vibrant cityscape. Consider attending a public event, such as the dazzling fireworks display at the COEX. This iconic location transforms into a spectacle of lights and colors as the clock counts down to midnight. Celebrate the joy of the New Year with friends and family amid the lively atmosphere. Capture the breathtaking moments as fireworks paint the sky, marking the beginning of a new chapter.

Seoul offers a diverse range of activities to celebrate New Year's Eve. Whether you choose to indulge in a K-Drama marathon, savor traditional Korean dishes with loved ones, or join a public event like the COEX fireworks, the city provides a dynamic backdrop for bidding farewell to the old and welcoming the new. As the clock strikes midnight, let the excitement and energy of Seoul set the tone for a promising and joyous year ahead.

Cheers to new beginnings and a Happy New Year in Seoul! Comment below how you will be bringing in the new year!


Marcionilio Costa
Marcionilio Costa
Dec 30, 2023

I’m considering to go there for dinner and be there for the foreword fireworks, however it will depend on the metro working time. My hotel is in Myeongdong, I prefer metro than to depend on taxi in the year eve to retorno back to my hotel! by the way, do you know if there is any other attraction related to Christmas or New Year’s Eve in Coex Mall or in another place nearby Gangnam? Thank you for your helpful article! Happy New Year!!!

Jon Lui
Jon Lui
Dec 31, 2023
Replying to

Yes! Thanks for the wonderful comment! Check out this article for the COEX X'mas locations! Very beautiful and they'll be a lot of people there!

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