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"Seoulful" Savings: Budget-Friendly Adventures in Korea [Part 6]

Ttukkseom Park
Ttukkseom Park

1. Ramyun at the Han River

Have you ever had a ramyun by the Han River? If you haven't you most definitely should give it a shot, it's a very memorable experience. Our recommended place of choice to go is either Ttukkseom Park or Yeuido. One of my favorite spots is Ttukkseom Park. The perfect weather is right at the end of summer.


  1. Go to Ttukkseom Park

  2. Visit a Convenience Store near the park (there is a 7/11 on a pier-like structure - this is one we are aware of that has the ramyun cooking machines)

  3. Take your ramyun, additional toppings, drinks, and snacks, and sit by the river and enjoy your meal!

You can also sit by the 7/11 if you wish. It is also a nice experience with a picnic mat and lights! Sitting here allows you to get rid of your rubbish more easily!

7/11 Location: 126-1 Jayang-dong, Gwangjin-gu, Seoul

2. Visit Children's Grand Park in Seoul

If you like parks, walks, and big open spaces this one is for you! The Children's Grand Park in Seoul offers a range of fun activities, there's a theme park (this does cost a bit), free animal enclosures, playgrounds, a fountain, and sometimes in the summer exercise dance classes that middle-aged ladies attend, trust me it is FUN!

Location: 216 Neungdong-ro, Gwangjin-gu, Seoul

3. Use a Social App to find events - Meet Up and Dongu

This third option isn't a specific place or activity, it is two helpful socializing apps that you can use to find friends, plan events, attend already existing events, and more!



The first app we have for you is Meet-Up. There are a variety of events you can attend via Meet-Up. These include language exchanges (which are most often party-type socializing events that aren't always focused on the language part if you get what I mean), volunteer groups if you love to volunteer you can try a homeless shelter that one of the groups offers, discussion groups, coffee or wine lover meet-ups, the list goes on!

All you need to do is sign up through the Meet-Up website or app and join groups/events, then RSVP and attend!



The next app we have for you is the Dongu app - this one is similar to Meet-Up in that you can attend events but the difference is you can organize and create events of your own here too for free. This app is encouraged for those wanting to get more of a local feel. You can connect with local people near where you are staying, you can connect with other travelers and make plans, etc. Dongu can be used for any event, for example, some that you can find on the app or create yourself include brunch, walking, exercise, etc. Most are hobby and interest-related. Dongu tries to help you find friends or other travelers who have similar interests and may want to try the same places or activities as you!

All you need to do is download the app (links below), register, and join and/or create events. The cool thing about Dongu is that you make detailed plans with other people who are attending once the event has been confirmed. So you can discuss together about when and where to meet, etc.

You can also create groups and events on Meet-Up but these require regular payment to register your group and host events.

Links for Dongu:

Wow! We have completed Part 6 of our Seoulful Savings series! If these tips are helping you please let us know in the comments below!


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