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Improve Your Korean Through Seventeen's New Hit Single "Super"!

Weeks ago, the new single "Super" (손오공) sees the SEVENTEEN group, who returns with their 10th mini-album embracing elements familiar to other HYBE artists.

The music video is AMAZING. It is simple and stays in one set but the camera work and lighting make it feel like it’s multiple shooting sets!

In today's article, we're going to give you the song's lyrics with some vocab to help you improve your Korean level while listening!

Are you ready? LETS START!

● The music lyrics + translation :


[Wonwoo] ttangeul bogo gyesok ollatji jeongsangkkaji

땅을 보고 계속 올랐지 정상까지

maneun siryeoneun boran deusi

많은 시련은 보란 듯이

I Always Win

ganghan maeumi jungyohaji

강한 마음이 중요하지

miraeneun domanggaji ana naega noki jeonkkaji

미래는 도망가지 않아 내가 놓기 전까지


gureumeul tago yeogijeogiro (Hey)

DARUMDARIMDA 구름을 타고 여기저기로 (Hey)


urideurui geungjireul nopireo (Hey)

DARUMDARIMDA 우리들의 긍지를 높이러 (Hey)


tto dareun segye naagaja Go

I Rhythm matchwo

DARUMDARIMDA 또 다른 세계 나아가자 Go

이 Rhythm에 맞춰

계속 : continuously, consecutively.

땅 : earth, land, ground.

정상 : top, summit.

시련 : ordeal, trial, hardship, test

많다 : a lot of, lots of, plenty of.

보다 : more

강하다 : strong, powerful, mighty.

마음 : mind, heart

중요 : important, significant, crucial

미래 : the future

가다 : go, come, get, proceed

내다 : make, pay, donate, contribute

구름 : cloud

여기저기 : here and there

높이다 : make sth high[higher]

우리 : our

긍지 : pride

다르다 : different, dissimilar, distinct.

세계 : the world, world.

또 : again, once more[

You can Check the full original video on YouTube :

And that's it! Was today's Korean lesson useful for you?

Let us know if you want another part of this type of learning Korean lesson and what you learned from this lesson! Comment below with your sample sentences!

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Jun 14, 2023

Learning Korean from song and watching kdrama is effective way to study

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