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Song Joong Ki makes an epic comeback in new Netflix film "My Name is Loh Kiwan"!

Rising to the top of Netflix's streaming movies over this weekend, Song Joong Ki's comeback drama My Name is Loh Kiwan shatters all expectations as it exceeds what critics are saying! We break down why you should be watching immediately!

Battling frostbite, hunger, danger, and the guilt of killing his mother, Loh Ki Wan (Song Joong Ki Reborn Rich 2022), bares his vulnerability in a foreign country while waiting for refugee status from the Belgium government. With each scene and new situation an edge-of-your-seat nail-biter, we can't wait to share with you why we love this film so much!


We'll try not to spoil the movie too much so if you don't want to know what happens, make sure to watch it first, or at least, take a look at our preview here!


Forced to live like a homeless person while waiting for refugee benefits in Belgium, Loh Ki Wan is a beacon of hope for all immigrants and refugees who have settled down in a foreign land and made it their home. Forced to run for his life in North Korea with his mother to China, he was constantly looking over his shoulder for Chinese authorities who could deport him and his mother at any minute. And they did come for him. While running away from the police, his mother, while trying to follow him, gets hit by a truck and dies. Loh Ki Wan's uncle begs him to run away before the Chinese police find him and he reluctantly runs away.

That night, after being told by his uncle that his mother has been sold to a hospital in return for money, Loh Ki Wan is filled with remorse and returns to the death site of his late mother. While cleaning her blood off the street, we can sense his guilt! What a beginning! It definitely isn't one of your lighter-mood movies!

Filled with constant tension and insecurity, Song Joong Ki creates a character like a mouse trapped inside a cage with a cat. No matter where he turns, trouble is there to poke at him, and there is nowhere to hide. Paired with an equally troubled young woman, Marie (Choi Sung Eun Byeond Evil 2021), who cuts ties with her father, the two form a relationship that is one of a kind.

Never a dull moment and full of suspense, My Name is Loh Kiwan is a masterpiece in today's modern K-drama films! The pain and sorrow of both the main leads can be felt through the screen as the trials and tribulations of both of the characters' backgrounds lead to a healing that they both have been missing. The constant fear of being deported to a horrendous place can only be imaged from us as Loh Ki Wan is betrayed by those he has built up trust in the new country he is living in. Song Joong Ki does an excellent job of bringing the frustration and anger in his character's struggle for a normal life and we can see that he as masterfully reached a new level in his craft.

So what are you waiting for? Have you convinced yourself to watch this amazing film yet? Let us know your thoughts about Song Joong Ki's acting in his new movie! We want to hear from you, fans!


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