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Super Junior kicks off the summer season with their new M/V "Show Time"

Super Junior is back to mark their 19th anniversary! And they have kicked off their summer party in the music video "Show Time". Let's break down the M/V teaser and everything you need to know for their upcoming release!

Let's check out the teaser below!

The teaser video was cool, with the behind-the-scenes take at the start. It felt like we got to know a more real side of the band, and it showed them on a fun level almost that of being on a talk show. The beat I thought was a good fit as well so lyrically I am looking forward to the release ahead of the hot and humid Korean summer.

So for the 2024 embarkment, the boys will be holding concerts kicking off at the "Super show spin off halftime" which will be held between the dates of June 22 - 23, 2024 at the KSPO Dome, and then continuing through Asia.

Let's check out their full new music video below!

"Show Time" was released on June 11 at 6 PM KST, marking Super Junior's return with new music after a year and seven months. I have to say that the video exceeded my expectations, from the boys' outfits, and dance routines but more importantly their singing ability.

I enjoyed the opening part where there was one member singing and it seemed to annoy some people due to it being too loud, I thought that this playfulness was great. I also really liked that the concept was showing the boys on a TV show setting without the cameras rolling at the start and instead getting ready to perform, as it is something that the viewers do not often get to see.

Some minor rap parts on the song as well were really good as I thought it showed a more diverse side to the band which can make them stand out as well as the English lyrics that were used on and off throughout the song to help them appear to a Western audience rather than just a domestic Korean audience.

Let us know your thoughts on the music video in the comments below!


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