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TWS returns just in time for summer with 2nd mini album "SUMMER BEAT!"

TWS officially announces comeback with 2nd mini album "SUMMER BEAT!" Read on for all the exciting new details!

Photo: TWS -
Photo: TWS -

It has been announced that TWS will once again take to the stage with their highly anticipated comeback for their mini album, "Summer Beat!", just in time for the summer and we can't wait!

TWS has already proven their mettle, selling over 500,000 copies and dominating music charts with their hit "Plot Twist". With their dedicated fanbase eagerly anticipating their return, all eyes are on TWS at the moment ahead of their comeback. Although 500,000 copies is a very respectable number, we feel that this comeback should help propel them higher in recognition by old and new fans!

Let's check out the teaser!

As you can see from the short teaser, there is a very simple Polaroid camera, which throws out a photo with the title impressively displayed for everyone to see. I mean simplicity is key right?

If this isn't enough, their new title track "HEY" was the first single out and was released on June 5, 2024. Just out this behind-the-scenes video!

Alongside the song, fans can expect a music video, giving them a taste of what's to come before the album's official launch, how exciting!!!!

Photo: TWS -
Photo: TWS -

Leading up to the pre-release, TWS will ALSO drop official photos and teaser videos for "Hey!" throughout June respectively, ramping up excitement among their followers. Following this sneak peek, the full album rollout will include the track list, trailer, official photo, highlight medley, and teaser for the title track. I cannot wait for this, and I am sure you can't too!!

TWS are set to release their full album release on June 24, 2024.

Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!


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