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"Vigilante" ends in an epic showdown! Will there be a Season 2?

Disney+'s action/thriller Vigilante ends in an epic showdown between semi-good and evil? We break down what happened and speculate if there be a second season. Read on to find out more!

Nam Joo Hyuk stars as the "Vigilante" (Disney+)
Nam Joo Hyuk stars as the "Vigilante" (Disney+)

We all love a good-paced action drama without rushing the plot or adding any type of fillers. Vigilante proved that although it was short (only 8 episodes), it was more than enough to tell the full story (perhaps a sequel may be needed?). With great acting and an anti-hero as the main lead, Vigilante proved to be a winner despite ranking only fourth in total viewership countrywide (Good Data). Let's break down what happened in the tense action-packed finale!

Don't trust anyone! ("Vigilante" still)
Don't trust anyone! ("Vigilante" still)

Contains spoilers!

On the brink of getting exposed by Officer Jo Heon (Yoo Ji Tae Money Heist: Korea 2022), Kim Ji Yong (Nam Joo Hyuk) strikes a deal with his protégé, Jo Gang Ok to take down the criminal organization together and rescue reporter Choi Mi Ryeo. In an epic plot twist, we find out that the true "criminal organization" is not run by Kim Sam Doo, but by his superior, Uhm Jae Hyeob, a high-ranking police officer! Mind blown!

Still from "Vigilante" episode 8 (Disney+)
Still from "Vigilante" episode 8 (Disney+)

The ending sequence shows Kim Ji Yong at a bus terminal watching the news and then showing his anger as he is later sworn in as an official police officer at the ceremony. The ending has fans pleading for a second season to see who is the real culprit behind this corrupt police force! Here's what some of them said!

"The ending was epic! I couldn't help myself but fell for the Vigilante in the purple outfit. He was so funny and excited to finally cooperate with the Vigilante. Unfortunately, the 8 episodes were not enough to catch the biggest villain, the hidden VIP. I hope there will be a Season 2."

"Banger! finally a kdrama that is solid all the way through"

"And a banger at only 8 episodes and i didnt feel cheated or felt it was rushed."

"Great set up for possibly a second season!!! They gave the vigilante more reasons to resume what he was doing. With the blessing of his innocent friend - RIP - , he will become even more ruthless and I'm here for it. The way money ALWAYS rules over everything and everyone is disgusting at this point !!! 8 episodes were short but they most def served their purpose. We started with what it seemed blank 2 dimensional characters and now after 8 episodes, the vigilante, the police officer, the journalist, the rich fanboy and the professor are now all set up for what's coming towards them. They all have their reasons to fight, they all had their glow up ♥"

We hope that there will be a season 2 to uncover what is going on in this police force! Let us know your thoughts on this amazing action-packed drama! Would you recommend it to your friends? Comment below!


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