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Welcome back Jin! Check out the exact moment BTS's Jin was discharged from the military!

BTS ARMY and K-pop fans can finally rejoice as BTS's first member, Jin, was discharged from his mandatory military service today! Check out the full video of the moment he was discharged and who was there to greet him!

Met by his fellow groupmates, RM was the first to serenade him with a saxophone! The other members, who are currently in the middle of their mandatory military services, took a special leave and dramatically greeted him! There were hugs all around! Jin was discharged from the 5th Infantry Division in Yeoncheon, Gyeonggi Province this morning around 10 AM KST. Take a look at the video!

In a brief moment, Jin took a moment to wave to fans and cameras as he and the other members of BTS were ushered into black vans that drove away. The eldest member of BTS enlisted into his mandatory military service on December 13, 2022, with his groupmates sending him off in a friendly farewell. To see them back together again, even just for a short moment, warmed our hearts!

Just in time for BTS FESTA 2024, Jin will be attending a special event where fans can win a chance to receive a FREE HUG from him! Make sure to check out our article for more details! The next BTS member, J-Hope, is anticipated to finish his mandatory military service on October 15 - 20. 2024.

Also, Jin thanks his fans for being there for him right after his discharge and still in uniform!

Let us know if you'll be attending BTS FESTA 2024 and your thoughts on this short "reunion"!


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