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You won't believe what happened to Kim You Jung in the first episode of "Chicken Nugget"!

Are you ready for some seriously entertaining, finger-licking, "I don't know what just happened" comedy? Netflix's new mystery/comedy Chicken Nugget starring the beautiful Kim You Jung has got us rolling in our seats! We break down what happened to her and more in the first episode!

A still from the show 'Chicken Nugget' (Photo:Netflix)
A still from the show "Chicken Nugget" (Netflix)

Now if your not familiar with the show, Chicken Nugget is a new comedy K-drama that you are is set to leave you laughing at its far-fetched scenes. Let's take a look at what had us grabbing our stomachs in laughter!


In Episode 1, we learned that there was a strange machine in Choi Min Ah's (Kim You Jung My Demon 2023) father's office, which was undergoing renovation. This mysterious machine that had appeared in the office was delivered that same day and was not yet plugged in.

With the far-fetched scenes in the drama, and of course comedy and mystery combined, the machine led to a few more unexpected scenes later on!

Later in the show Choi Min Ah while taking a lunch break stepped into the mysterious machine and of course, as you naturally would, started to press some buttons all before, she said the famous words "chicken nugget" which then activated the machine, at which point when her co-workers were looking for her, she literally was turned into a "chicken nugget".

Determined to overturn this bizarre poultry fiction, Choi Sun Man and Ko Baek Joong team up, to try and work out what to do. Together, they embark on a hilarious and heart-warming journey to unravel the mystery and transform their daughter back into a human (hopefully before she ends up on someone's dinner plate! (Which did almost happened)!

But that was not it! Later in the show unaware of the situation, a hungry co-worker sets eyes on "nugget-Min Ah" and decides to eat it, adding a new layer of worry to the already frantic co-workers and father! This then meant that they realized they may not have the chance to bring Min Ah back from a "nugget" to a human!

For me, the heroic and heartwarming relationships in the show made it great to watch, and I am looking forward to watching them grow as the season goes on!

A still from the show 'Chicken Nugget' (Photo: Netflix)
A still from the show "Chicken Nugget" (Netflix)

So, buckle up for a wild ride filled with laughter, suspense, and perhaps a newfound appreciation for the simple joys of being human, and let's find out what will happen in episode 2, of this new hilarious drama!

Let us know in the comments below, if you tuned in for episode 1 of Chicken Nugget and your thoughts on the show!


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