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5 K-pop songs to diversify your playlist in 2024!

K-pop has a huge platform of good music to choose from for any of your preferences. When becoming a K-pop fan, I easily found something I liked with groups taking risks in different sounds. I love taking new recommendations as a way to expand my Apple music playlists and want to do the same for you! Here are some picks you may have not heard of that you can dance, sing, or even cry along with! Enjoy!

1. "Faded In My Last Song" — NCT U

Starting strong, NCT is the best example of finding anything you may like! The group has dabbled in so many genres of music, ranging from hip-hop to ballads. "Faded In My Last Song" is the one song I’d recommend that shows fans the top-notch vocals the group has. With a slow melody and a strong piano presence, the song is perfect for closing your eyes and escaping reality.

2. "Butterfly" — P1Harmony

P1Harmony is another group that gives their fans, P1ece, a variety of sounds to love. "Butterfly" is another vocal-heavy song with a R&B sound that the group does so well. However, the rappers stand out with their verses that blend perfectly with the flow of the song. "Butterfly" is a great introduction to the group and will hook you into their fandom!

"3. Like Crazy" — Jimin (BTS)

My biggest goal for this list was to give fans songs that give a taste of the versatility of K-pop and how not all songs are cute and upbeat. “Like Crazy” is far from that. The song has a jazzy beat and depicts lyrics about letting the music take you away! This song is a perfect addition to the soundtrack for the club. Add this for a boost of energy to dance all night long in your room!

4. "Take Me Home" — Ateez

Ateez’s usual strong title tracks often contrast with a few songs from their album, showing fans they are artists capable of many different colors. This track has a slower, retro sound that brings out the amazing vocals the members have along with smooth raps. The emotion conveyed in this song is captivating right along with the saxophone that ends the song. It gives a transcendent vibe that makes you feel like you’ve been teleported away!


5. "One Last Time" — Girls' Generation

Last but certainly not least, the token girl group song for this list. The song is piano-forward, beautifully written, and sung with the emotions that pair so well with it. As a seasoned group, you feel the years of hard work and love in this song. Since its release in 2017, it still gives a nostalgically sad feeling that makes you feel at peace. Put in the earphones and let yourself feel and maybe even cry while you listen!

Give us some good K-pop recommendations for our playlist in the comments and find more K-pop love here


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