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Billboard unveils the top-grossing K-pop concerts of 2023! Were you at one?

K-pop wasn't in the mention for top global concerts 10 years ago garnering only 0.3% of all global concerts back in 2019. It wasn't until BTS helped the upward trend of K-pop global interest which helped the genre grew to 4%. Thanks to them, K-pop concerts have reached an all-time high of 5.1% thanks to idol groups selling out in Asia, Europe, Latin America, and the United States. Read on to find out which groups sold out the most stadiums in 2023!

$7M / 36.9K tickets / 4 shows

NCT Dream toured North America and Europe throughout 2023 with "The Dream Show2: In A DREAM" and showed some great results!

$7.9M / 77.5K tickets / 9 shows

LE SSERAFIM focused their performances in Asia with their "Flame Rises" tour in Seoul, Tokyo, Osaka, Hong Kong, Jakarta, and Bangkok. In just two shows at Tokyo's Yoyoghi Stadium, the group was able to earn $2.3 million and sold more than 24,000 tickets!

$13.9M / 103K tickets / 10 shows

ATEEZ sold out stadiums and arenas all over the globe this year for their "The Fellowship: Break the Wall" tour! The group hopped from continent to continent as they performed in North America, Latin America, Europe, and Asia!

$16.1M / 114K tickets / 8 shows

Between February and April, Stray Kids sold more than 100,000 tickets in North America and Australia!

$33M / 336K tickets / 19 shows

Stretching almost the entire year, ENHYPEN's "FATE" toured Europe, Japan, and North America!

$43.3M / 440K tickets / 12 shows

Generating more than $40 million in ticket sales, SEVENTEEN performed in seven markets! Just Tokyo alone (four shows) generated $16.8 million!

$46.8M / 379K tickets / 27 shows

TXT's "ACT: Sweet Mirage" tour traveled the globe and brought in more than $40 million in ticket sales!

$54.2M / 345K tickets / 18 shows

TWICE showed that their fifth world tour "Ready To Be" was nothing short of a huge success! Performing in over 18 markets worldwide, the group raked in over $50 million!


$57.1M / 318K tickets / 26 shows

On his first solo "D-Day" tour in the United States and Asia, BTS's SUGA hits second place on this list! He earned more than $9 million in the Los Angeles and New York area and sold more than 50,000 tickets in Seoul alone!

$148.3M / 703K tickets / 29 shows

BLACKPINK scoured the globe this year on their "Born Pink" tour as they seemed to touch every corner of the world! The group also performed the most shows compared to any other group on this list! Congrats to BLACKPINK!

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Comment below your favorite concert that you've been to this year! If you haven't been to a concert, which concert are you looking forward to next year?

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