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A guide to THE BEST cherry blossom locations in Korea — 2024!

Cherry blossom season is upon us! This short guide will help you explore the best photoesque locations to spot the beautiful blossoms in South Korea this spring! So grab a friend and or/a family member and let's get to exploring!


E-world, Daegu (Photo: Shuttershock)
E-world, Daegu (Photo: Shuttershock)

Now perhaps I am bias, but I think Daegu is the perfect place to see the cherry blossoms this year.

Not only is Daegu the warmest city in Korea, but it also boasts many romantic and photogenic places to enjoy the cherry blossoms. With its warmer climate, you can also spot the blossoms earlier than in other cities. This year the blossoms are expected to bloom from March 22, 2024.

E-World, which is shown in the picture above will allow you to enjoy theme park rides and roller coasters at the same time, or if you prefer a coffee and a walk, then I would recommend heading to Suseong Lake. Here, you can enjoy a cute café and get some amazing photos!


A stunning view of Lotte Tower in Seoul (Photo: Lewis Hooper)
A stunning view of Lotte Tower in Seoul (Photo: Lewis Hooper)

Now, being a mega city, Seoul of course has heaps of places where you can enjoy the cherry blossoms this Spring. However, I recommend heading to Lotte Tower first. Here, you can enjoy stunning skyscraper views, but also take amazing shots of this springtime flower. This area is often visited by locals, so it should give you a better chance to get some good photos!

Of course, there are many cherry blossom festivals in Seoul too! For the more quiet festival you should head to Yangjaecheon Stream, or if a lantern festival is more for you, then head to Seokchon Lake Park at night to enjoy the blossoms and the bright colors of the illuminations.

The best time to see the 2024 Cherry Blossoms in Seoul is anticipated to be around April 4th!


Yeojwacheon Stream in Changwon City (Photo
Yeojwacheon Stream in Changwon City (Photo

March 22 is the start of the cherry blossoms this year in Busan. Now being a costal city and Korea's second-largest city, Busan is a great destination! A great place to head to is Dalmaji-gil Road, because of its high peak, it offers outstanding views of many cherry blossom trees and the beach at the same time!

If a hike isn't for you then I would suggest going for a walk along Oncheoncheon Stream. It is known as "Cherry Blossom Road" and will enable you to take in the moment and capture stunning photos too! While you visit, why not rent a bike or take a jog?

Elsewhere, Samnak Ecological Park is a peaceful setting to connect with all sorts of nature, including wildflower colonies and wetlands. During the Samnak Cherry Blossom Festival, make a beeline to the blossom tunnel that runs along the Nakdong River. You will not be disappointed!

Jeju Island

Cherry blossoms on Jeju Island (Photo:
Cherry blossoms on Jeju Island (Photo:

Last on my list is of course, Korea's largest island, Jeju! This year it's expected that from March 24 you will be able to see these beautiful blossoms on the island.

Jeju's native "King Cherry trees" offer the most dramatic cherry blossoms in Korea. Given the warm climate in Jeju, you can spot the blossoms earlier than in other cities on the mainland. The blossoms here are very large, so some branches tend to disappear underneath them. That's pretty cool, right?

You’ll see king cherry blossoms all over the island in the spring, with several tree-lined streets around the island serving as locales for the annual Jeju Cherry Blossom Festival.

Two roads to prioritize for blossom viewing during your visit are Jeonnong-ro, a bustling street with many cafes and restaurants that are adorned with lanterns to add to the atmosphere and the pedestrian-friendly Jangjeon-ri with its cherry blossom tunnel. Other points of interest that double as prime viewing spots include Jeju National University and Jeju Stadium, the town of Aewol-eup, Hallim Park, Seongeup Folk Village, and Seopjikoji Hill.

For more information on when you can expect to see the Cherry Blossoms this year in Korea, please check out the map below!

Photo Visit korea.
(Photo Visit Korea.)

Let us know which city you plan on visiting to see 2024's Cherry blossoms, and don't forget to tag us in your photos too!


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