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[A2K] A New Global Girl Group is Born! Who Will Debut? The Finalists Are Revealed!

The time is finally here! In the grand finale of JYP Entertainment's K-pop girl group survival program A2K, we find out which girls will make it to debut! Read on to find out who will make their Korean debut!

With special guest appearances as judges for the finale, Sunmi and the leader of the popular Korean dance group "La Chica" Gabee were present to give their thoughts! For this last "hurrah" J.Y. Park judged the contestants' characters on top of their already amazing skills in dancing, singing, and on-stage presence. With still no number of debut members in mind, the finale is up for grabs as the contestants put their best performances forward!


The first team to perform was Team TOPIC which stood for "Hot Topic + Top and Debut" and consisted of Gina, Camila, Lexi, and Savanna. They performed the song "Know Me Like That" written by J.Y. Park and David Stewart! You can check out the lyrics here! With practical and thoughtful advice from Sunmi during the week Team TOPIC slayed their performance! Check it out for yourself!

Sumni was so immersed in Team TOPIC's performance that she forgot to write down notes! She praised them like they were the actual team that would debut! Gabee was unsure of Lexus's uniqueness at first, but Lexi was able to show that she belonged on stage and shined! The only concern for Gabee was the inability of the group to show their dance strength by using their "length" (in their arms and legs). Sunmi was a bit disappointed at Gina's overpowering energy that it made her look "stiff". Overall, Team TOPIC impressed J.Y. Park with high praises!

Team Clover

Team Clover was next and consisted of KG, Kaylee, Cristina, and Kendall. The performed "Go Getter" was written by J.Y. Park and Space Primates. The song is supposed to represent a "teenage anthem" and an "anthem for youth". Sunmi once again provided positive feedback and energy during the week to get Team Clover ready for their performance! Take a look!

Unfortunately, Team Clover's evaluation wasn't as smooth as their peers as Gabee stated that although their arms and fingertip alignment was great, the directions of their bodies weren't facing the right direction. Kaylee, on the other hand, received great comments from Sunmi about her positive energy and how it affected the vibe of the team! Overall, Team Clover wasn't able to shake off the pressure and looked stiff in their performance. There were some positives as KG and Kendall were able to overcome their weaknesses and blew away J.Y. Park!

So who won the best team performance/song?

Team TOPIC received votes from Gabee, Sunmi, and J.Y. Park! So congratulations to Team TOPIC for their amazing performance!

Here are the members of the new A2K debut group!

After each team performed their own song, they had a final battle where both teams had to perform the same song called "Y.O. Universe" written by J.Y. Park and produced by Cirkut to express why each team member was special in the whole universe! Although Team TOPIC won both their individual song and common song, we were still kept in anticipation since anyone could still make it to the debut stage! After the final results, with the character evaluations, the final rankings are set!

1. Lexus

2. KG

3. Camila

4. Savanna

5. Kaylee

We're so proud of everyone who made it on the team! We wish Cristina and Gina the best of luck! We're sure we'll see you debut in another way!

Say "Hello!" to the new face of JYP Entertainment's global girl group VCHA!

Stemming from the English word "illuminate" the Korean word "비추다" (bichuda) means "to shine" or "light up" hence the new group's name will be VCHA! You can follow VCHA's new Twitter account here!

Another exciting news is that VCHA has also dropped a new pre-debut single "Y.O. Universe"!

Meet VCHA! (From left to right, top to bottom) Lexus, KG, Camila, Savanna, Kaylee, Kendall. Image from @VCHA_A2K Twitter.
Meet VCHA! (From left to right, top to bottom) Lexus, KG, Camila, Savanna, Kaylee, Kendall. Image from @VCHA_A2K Twitter.

Let us know what you think about this new girl group! Will you be following them? Who is your bias? Comment below!


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