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BABYMONSTER's debut for "Sheesh" earns mixed reviews from fans

Filled with swag, attitude, and a catchy beat, YG Entertainment's doted girl group BABYMONSTER debuted on April 1 with their single "Sheesh"! But not all fans were all that crazy about this girl group's debut. Mixed with different emotions and reviews, we dive into what made fans like and dislike about this highly-anticipated debut!

"Okay, this is not Blackpink, it is truly BABYMONSTER, thank you YG! edit : I was not expecting to start a war. Yes BM have this YG style (like BP, 2ne1) but this dark concept is their own" — YouTube fan

Fans and netizens took to online forums and YouTube to express their excitement for YG Entertainment's new girl group BABYMONSTER to make their highly-anticipated debut. Met with stunning choreography, a sick beat, and a catchy hook, "Sheesh" garnered almost 12 million views in just 10 hours!

But not all fans were all that happy with the group's debut. Some even called the song "messy" and rather take out the word "Sheesh" from the lyrics.

"To put it nicely I think the song is very messy and just reinforces my suspicion that YG doesn’t know what to do to give the girls their own identities...It’s evident that “like that” has been written by someone else because it is actually cohesive and unique in its identity. In the future they need to go down this route"

"Take out the Sheesh word and replace it with something nicer and in lower register and I would play it on the loop. I like it outside of that."

Many fans and netizens were not attacking the members personally, but more of how the song sounded, how it was written, and the formula YG has been known for as "too predictable".

"Girls are amazing with visuals and vocals/rap BUT YG really needs to up their game… Sheesh feels like low effort to me…. Why doesn’t YG utilise their artists potential…"

"The formula is predictable to a T, from the vocals to the “click clack click clack” rap, to the party outro. The chorus is a bit too loud, but idk, maybe it’ll grow on me (most probably not though haha)"

"I love the beginning of the song, but the chorus is so annoying. It's not just the repeated sheeshes, I honestly believe it would have been better with a sang chorus than a beat drop. The rap is fire but I don't think it meshes well with the song. Actually a lot of the parts of the songs don't flow well. Especially the outro. I do love a good Blackpink-esque girl crush song, but I'm starting to agree that maybe Teddy was the magic touch all along. Anyway, the members look amazing and I'm sure they are talented so I wish them well."

With all the criticism from fans and netizens alike, we're sure that the only direction BABYMONSTER can go is "up"! Judging by their debut in "Sheesh" their powerful choreography and attitude is different than many of the girl groups out there today. Maybe this 5th generation needs a little of an "oomph" to get the ball rolling!

Comment below with your thoughts on BABYMONSTER's stunning debut and their single "Sheesh"! Do you think they have the potential to be the next BLACKPINK?


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