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Holi Hai Korea 2024: Everything you need to know to celebrate colors, friendship, and equality for all!

The Festival of Colors is coming to Korea this year, and in this article, we will help guide you with everything you need to know about this event ahead of April 13th, 2024!


Ever since I have known about this festival I have been counting down the days to go. The vibrant colors and joyful Hindi music scream happiness and excitement!

This event will have lots of things to see and do and colored powder will be for sale at the event.

It’s a time for people to unite, forget grievances, and enjoy life’s colorful moments. Everyone awaits to celebrate Holi in 2024 with many rituals, and the significance it holds in India and all across the world.

The festival has many purposes; most prominently, it celebrates the beginning of Spring which is why we can look forward to it with the beautiful weather that Korea is experiencing right now!


If you don't know,Holi dates back to the 4th century and stands alongside Diwali (the festival of lights) and it is one of the most important Hindu celebrations, known globally for its tossing of colored powders and water. (Don't forget to wear some old clothes if you don't want to get your clothes ruined!)

This festival promises to be heaps of fun, and for me, I think it is all about the enjoyment and bringing people together regardless of backgrounds. I have been to a Holi festival while I traveled around India a couple of years ago, and for me, it was so much fun, I would recommend trying the festival for yourself in Korea!

Check out the link below for more information and to book your tickets:

Let us know in the comments below if you will be attending this years Holi Hai event, and don't forget to tag us in your photos!


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