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“It’s Not A Comeback Because I Never Left”: BlackPink's Encore of Born Pink World Tour Continues!

Blackpink’s Born Pink World Tour was in my area. So, I did the usual K-pop concert routine by signing up on Weverse for my code as an official Blink, bought my tickets, called my K-pop bestie, and ordered my newest version of the light stick. Then we flew to check out Rosé, Jisoo, Jennie, and Lalisa at the United Center in Chicago, Illinois, USA. The Born Pink Tour is now in full encore mode and if you’re wondering if you should get a ticket or not, here’s an “out of ten” recap!

Take a ride or let it slide with "Born Pink"?

Blink Car parked in front of the concert.

Venue: United Center, Chicago Illinois


The United Center is home to the NBA’s Basketball team, the Chicago Bulls. The history of the center has secured long-term employees and this is a benefit for concertgoers. The line was not long or at least it did not feel like we had a long wait. This is because the staff ushered people into the venue and gave updates. If you have been to other concerts, this is a real treat when the venue employees are able to provide updates. The employees all knew where to direct you. They did not need to look at a map or find their supervisors like other venues which will not be named in this recap. ( ahem Sofi..Los Angeles ... cough cough.. ) This venue was interesting because there were a lot of electronic billboards to keep the hype up while you’re outside of the venue with great photo ops.

Tip! Do read a map of the concert venue so you won't waste time getting lost!

Tip! Don't forget to know where the Uber pick-up is. We walked about five blocks to get to a good Uber pick-up area. They will charge you if you're not on time!

Photo Credit: BlackPink Official Twitter

PreConcert: Lights, Camera, Action!


Finding our seats while checking out the stage.

There was not a lot of interactive areas around the venue. There was a photo op package that came with soundcheck and swag. I saw the photo op and it was a weird awkward cardboard cutout of BlackPink. Although it was not a photo op with the human ladies, I have to admit, I low key still wished I could have had access to the line that took pictures with the cardboard versions too.

Tip! Don't expect too much from the cut out photo op if you do get a photo op package.

Tip! Do eat preconcert so you won't be a grump and make ese! There was a Korean restaurant near the United Center where my friend and I made a reservation. I highly recommend making reservations at a restaurant for any pre-concert fun. We saw many people get turned away.

Merchandise: Quick Lines!


Maybe I got lucky, but I had no issues with the merchandise line. It was not a long wait and the cashiers were very happy. I have not heard of anything being sold out. I am not sure if there were many merch stands at the venue, but whoever did the logistics made it very convenient for everyone to get all the merch they wanted including light sticks! I go a hoodie, shirt, light stick, bucket. A great selection!

Tip! Don't be afraid to say hello. You might be making your new best K-pop friend!

Tip! Do make friends with Blinks in

the merch line.

Stage: Simple, "Designer Crimes"


What's a party without confetti?

The stage setup was very simple. They did not “whip it whip it whip it” here. It was a simple curtain to the side style only. There was really nothing exciting about the stage setup. Nothing really moved besides the performers. The large screens in the center and sides were very basic. I have heard that venues could also have certain restrictions. The stage could differ in other venues. There was fire and there was confetti, so it was still a party!

Tip! Do take some confetti to make art if you're an artsy person. There's plenty of confetti to get during and after the concert.

Performance: Shut it Down!!!


Blackpink shut it down with excellent songs and dance choreography despite the stage lacking movement. All of the performers and songs performed were world-class. You can see the girls and the supporting band and dancers put in their 110% throughout the entire show! Each member also did a stellar performance. It was difficult to distinguish if one was better than the other.

Tip! Do expect to become LOVESICK with their performance and the supporting performers!

Blinks: Whip It Whip It Whip It


Blinks know how to whip it with fashion! Going to a Blackpink concert is almost like going to a fashion show. Everyone seems to be competing for the best dressed. But hold on, everyone was still very supportive of each other. Sincere compliments were being shared left and right. Was I just lucky with the right fandom in this area? A particularly interesting set of Blinks that was fun to see that made me teary-eyed was the Family Blinks. There were a lot of moms who brought daughters with them. There were moms who brought groups of young daughters with them. The most fun set of Blinks were the daughters who brought their fathers. How can you not love the support?

Tip! Do bring any family member! This concert is friendly for all with wholesome fun! Well almost. There was just this one part with the male dancers. But there were no bad words and it was just dancing. :)

BlackPink: Are they the Typa Girl? Yes they are!


Let's play a game with Jisoo!

Everyone has a preconcert bias. This is your chosen person. Then, you attend a live concert and you’re officially wrecked. The group does not have an official leader, but Rosé seemed to take charge which she did in great fashion. Lalisa was not as lively in Chicago but performed well. She seemed to take a lowkey position without much antics on stage but was very graceful. Jennie also lifted everyone’s spirits with her charm! Jisoo was surprisingly fun that night which caused the audience to go crazy over her charisma.

Overall Concert Experience: 10/10 Verified! Let's Ride! Taste That Pink Venom!

The Born Pink World Tour is an experience that is worth your time and money so it’s no wonder that YG supports the encore! Blackpink performances are verified! The first lyrics in Blackpink’s Shut Down is

"컴백이 아냐 떠난적없으니까" which translates to “It’s not a comeback because I never left”. This is so true because it's evident they've been relevant. The encore is a concert you don’t want to miss! BlackPink produces a performance with Born Pink that shows off their abilities as artists along with a phenomenal supporting crew.

Tickets are still on sale at some locations.

See the schedule at:

Let us know about your BlackPink concert experience! We would love to hear what other Blinks have to say! Comment below!


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