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Kiss of Life will once again take to the stage this summer in a comeback extravaganza!

The much-loved K-pop band KISS OF LIFE (KOIL) will once again take to the stage, in their 2024 summer comeback show. Here is what Dojeon Media knows so far!

So KISS OF LIFE is making a comeback this July! Yes, you read it right! We're super excited about this news and many fans on social media have also expressed their excitement, following the success of their tour in 2023!


On May 16, it was reported that KISS OF LIFE is gearing up to release new music for the summer season in July. And we think that it's the perfect time as it's the time of year when there are many concerts and festivals.

Of course, a comeback would not be complete without new music right? So the K-band has also released a teaser for their new single "Midas Touch". This single has entered the Melon Top 100 Chart for the first time since the group’s debut in July 2023, debuting at No. 165 on the Billboard Global 200 Chart.

Let's check out the teaser video below!

We think that the upbeat tempo and close-ups of all of the members speaks volumes, and show a sense of individuality in this oversaturated market. The glamour and dazzle with all of the accessories, and phenomenal costumes display the band in a playful and fun manner. Will it be enough for them to stand out?

Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!


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