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Korean Ambassador in Egypt Observes Ramadan & Expresses Love for the Country!

The new Korean ambassador to Egypt, Kim Young Hyun, has immersed himself in the vibrant atmosphere of Ramadan, describing his experience as transformative and expressing his newfound love for Egypt!

As the month of Ramadan holds great significance for Muslims worldwide, Ambassador Kim's participation in the festivities highlights the cultural exchange and mutual respect between South Korea and Egypt.

Ramadan, the ninth month of the Hijri calendar, is a time of spiritual reflection and devotion for Muslims. It commemorates the revelation of the Qur'an to the last Prophet, and its observance involves fasting from dawn to sunset, engaging in acts of charity, and fostering unity within communities.

For Ambassador Kim, being present in Egypt during Ramadan revealed a unique aspect of the country's culture.

 Photo by : youm7
Photo by : youm7

In Egypt, Muslims and Christians join hands to celebrate the holy month, fostering an environment of cooperation and solidarity. The ambassador witnessed firsthand the generosity of Egyptians, who tirelessly assisted those in need throughout Ramadan.

During his visit to the historical sites of the Al-Ghuriya area and the renowned Khan Al-Khalili street, Ambassador Kim embraced Egyptian traditions by donning the traditional Al-Azhar uniform and the iconic red fez.

This cultural immersion provided him with an authentic experience of Egypt's rich heritage.

One of the highlights of Ambassador Kim's visit was his participation in an iftar, the evening meal that breaks the day-long fast.

The Korean ambassador with the traditional Al-Azhar uniform and the iconic red fez
The Korean ambassador with the traditional Al-Azhar uniform and the iconic red fez ( photo by: youm7 )

He expressed his gratitude for the warm hospitality extended to him by the Egyptian people and conveyed his heartfelt congratulations on the occasion of Ramadan.

On the other hand, the former Korean ambassador to Cairo, Hong Jin Wook, who departed from his position last year, also celebrated Ramadan with the locals. Ambassador Hong expressed his deep appreciation for the Matareya group iftar, an annual Egyptian tradition in Ramadan, where he experienced the strong sense of community and camaraderie that Egypt is known for.

Comparing his experiences to the famous song that proclaims "Ramadan in Egypt is something else," Ambassador Hong highlighted the unique and wonderful nature of Ramadan festivities in Matareya.

Photo by: youm7
Photo by: youm7

Photo by : El Watan News
Photo by : El Watan News

Sharing meals and spreading love were among the cherished memories he took with him from his time in Egypt.

As the torch is passed from one ambassador to another, the question arises: Who will become the Egyptians' favorite? Both ambassadors have shown immense respect and admiration for Egypt's culture and traditions. Ambassador Hong, with his deep connection to the Egyptian people, was beloved during his tenure. Now, Ambassador Kim's embrace of Ramadan and his expression of newfound love for Egypt have sparked excitement and curiosity among the locals!

A TV episode titled: " How the Korean ambassador said goodbye to Egypt? "

When the former ambassador Hong Jin Wook departed from his position last year, many were sad. A YouTube video from a TV Episode started with the title "Cairo will miss the Korean ambassador", this is because he was present in all governorates on all occasions, so he is missed by all Egyptians from all over Egypt.

Egyptians, known for their warmth and hospitality, are eagerly awaiting the opportunity to forge a bond with Ambassador Kim. With his genuine appreciation for Egyptian traditions and his desire to deepen bilateral ties, both ambassadors will likely hold a special place in the hearts of the Egyptian people.

As the month of Ramadan leaves, Ambassador Kim's presence in Egypt becomes an example of strong cultural ties between South Korea and Egypt. Faced with common experiences and respect for each other, the two countries keep growing the relationship based on unity and brotherhood that breaks the borders and enriches both nations!


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