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Korean Teens Buying Outrageous Luxury Items Because of Their Idols!

Koreans live in a very competitive society. Not only are Korean teens/young adults constantly competing with each other for the best grades or jobs they are also pressured to fit in with their peers. This includes using the latest gadgets, driving the latest cars, and let's not forget, buying luxurious items just because their idols have them! We dig into why young Koreans are obsessively resorting to these expensive goods in order to fit in!

Young adults in Korea believe that if they can be accepted by their peers and move with the trend, this would enable them to get accepted in society in terms of a better job and social status. There have been issues where young adults have been bullied in school because of what they wear. Therefore, in order to avoid bullying and confrontation, many Korean teens will beg their parents to buy expensive trendy items for them to wear/bring to school.

This issue rose when K-pop idols began to be appointed as brand ambassadors to global fashion brands. Korean mothers were bombarded with pleas from their children to purchase these items. But it is really hard to argue with the results from a marketing point. For instance, after Dior made Jimin their first Asian global Ambassador, their stock price rose to an all-time high.

The standing issue about buying luxury brands is not because young adults need them but because it is the latest trend and has been worn by their idols. They are not phased by the costs of these items. Also, it helps them fit in with their peers at school.

I personally have bought a few things because I have seen people wear them on the streets of Seoul and the item looked nice on them.

What are your thoughts about this trending issue? Is there a way for Korean society to just let their young adults be? Let us know in the comments below!

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