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"Queen of Tears" star Kim Ji Won shares what's in her bag!

Fans of the hit K-drama Queen of Tears got to know more about star actress Kim Ji Won as she recently shared her truly humble nature with Cosmopolitan Korea! The popular actress gives a first-hand look into her private possessions! Let's go!

"Living the life of an unemployed person"

What we didn't know is that Kim Ji Won is a homebody! After shooting her most recent drama Queen of Tears, she enjoyed her break at home rolling around and "living the life of an unemployed person"! We love her sarcasm and humble attitude! Despite playing the character of a chaebol heiress, Kim Ji Won loves drinking coffee and taking a simple stroll outside!

"I don't really carry a purse, I have an eco bag."

What really made us fall in love with Kim Ji Won is her "down to earth" attitude! She told Cosmopolitan Korea that she doesn't carry a purse around, instead, she has an eco bag created by her sister to commemorate the end of the filming session. If you haven't read our article about the cast members from Queen of Tears be sure to find out more about Kim Ji Won's obsession with massage gadgets!

Kim Ji Won also shares that she often listens to music when she walks home and has a variety of genres depending on her mood! Be sure to check out our curated mood Spotify playlists on our homepage as well!

So what do you think of Kim Ji Won's simplistic look and lifestyle? Comment below about your lifestyle and what specific items in your bag you feel would match Kim Ji Won's style!


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