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[Restaurant of the month] Is the "Gordon Ramsay Burger" worth the price?

With restaurants virtually on every corner in Korea, it's never a struggle to find a place to eat. But what makes a restaurant special? What makes it stand out? In this article, Dojeon team member, Lewis, will share his favorite restaurant of June so far!

Now coming from the UK, I love British classic foods from time to time, and having lived in Korea for four years, I have found it hard to get a good British classic meal.

Since I was young, I have always been impressed with the Michelin star chef Gordon Ramsay, and I have watched countless episodes of his TV shows, such as Hells Kitchen, Kitchen Nightmares, Hotel Hell, and any special shows he has appeared on. So when I discovered he has his burger restaurant "Gordon Ramsay Burger" in the prestigious Lotte Tower in Seoul, I had to make a reservation!

Photo: Gordan Ramsay Burger Seoul - Lewis Hooper
Photo: Gordan Ramsay Burger Seoul - Lewis Hooper

Since I made a reservation when I arrived the staff knew who I was, and we were taken to our private table. If you do not have a reservation you can show up on the day, the wait time will be significantly longer, so I recommend making a reservation.

The seats were very comfortable, and the mirror design throughout the restaurant, made it feel a lot bigger than the space actually was. I also really liked the the kitchen was open fronted, so you can watch the chefs cook and prepare your food.

We ordered classic burgers, and I added avocado and bacon to mine, and we also ordered parmesan fries and onion rings.

When the food arrived and I cut through my burger, I could tell that this was a quality burger and the taste was AMAZING! It was cooked medium rare, which I have never had in a burger, though the server said that this is how they are cooked so I took her advice, and I was glad that I did!

Photo: Gordan Ramsay Burger Seoul - Lewis Hooper
Photo: Gordan Ramsay Burger Seoul - Lewis Hooper

I took too many photos when I visited, so I have made a collage of some of the best moments for me and my family below. We all thought that the quality of the food was great, and despite it being on the expensive side for Korea it was well worth it and if we had gone for the same meal in the UK, we would have paid a lot more. I really liked the small touches with the knife on the wooden stand, and the even down to the plates and how the burger and sides were served as it put the focus on the food itself rather than having too many items on the plate, which of course the famous saying is "You eat with your eyes" which is for sure the case for us, it was worth paying more for great food and great memories!

Photo: Gordan Ramsay Burger Seoul - Lewis Hooper
Photo: Gordan Ramsay Burger Seoul - Lewis Hooper

For me, the experience was great! From the attentive staff, a simple but well-presented menu, and of course the mouth-watering food I had been craving for a long time. I thought that the restaurant quality was fantastic and I will definitely be making a return visit! If you are after a taste of home, or perhaps something different on your trip to Seoul, you should visit too!

Check out the website below for more information and to make a reservation:

Let us know in the comments below if you have visited Gordon Ramsay Burger!


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