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Shocking Turn of Events in "Fantasy Boys" Episode 5! Plus Top 12 Rankings!

In a shocking turn of events, one of the most popular Fantasy Boys returns home! Plus, we recap the rankings from the last episode! Let's break down what happened!

Starting off hot right off the last episode, episode 5 continued with the dramatic ranking of the top 37 boys! Surprisingly, there was a plot twist that MBC decided to throw in by having one of the producers, Jang Woo Young (2PM), "save" one boy to be the 38th seat! Surprisingly, it was blue-haired rapper, Park Hyung Keun! Hyung Keun couldn't hide his relief as he was comforted by fellow members crying in their arms!

Moving on to crown the best visual challenge for the second semester was none other than Hong Sung Min! Sung Min was able to beat out Yu Jun Won for the throne!

Shocking News!

Yaya, who has been consistent with being at the top of the rankings has decided to drop out of the contest! Due to his knee injury, Yaya decided that it was best to go home and take care of his medical condition leaving many fans aghast!

Here's the Twitter post of Yaya's official resignation from the program due to his injury.

We hope for Yaya's speedy and healthy recovery! After that piece of sad news, here are the Top 12 rankings after the 2nd semester!

The 3rd semester has begun!

The 3rd semester will test the best boys from each position: singing, rapping, and dancing! At the end of the individual competition, it was Hikaru with the best vocals, Moon Hyun Bin as the best dancer, and Seo Sang Woo as the best rapper!

As the boys split into their performance groups according to the lucky draw, there was some tension as members who wanted the same positions had to individually battle each other! In the end, here are the teams!

Mission three will be exciting as the boys get to show off their strengths in the three categories! Which group do you think will win? Let us know your top three vocalist, rapper, and dancer in the comments!


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