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Spooktacular K-Pop: Hauntingly good tunes for a Halloween mood!

If you've ever been deep down the rabbit hole of K-Pop, you would be somewhat familiar with the variety of playlists K-Pop songs are featured on. I found the way there myself, one night on an all-nighter trying to finish an assignment. My Lofi 2 a.m. Study Playlist was failing to keep me awake and I stumbled upon a K-Pop "hoe playlist". I laughed a little at the name but the playlist did keep me awake! Similar to the hoe playlist we bring you the "Ultimate Halloween Mood K-Pop Playlist".

Are you ready? We are!

Dancing Pumpkin Man GIF
Dancing Pumpkin Man GIF

Here's the 2. A.M. Lofi playlist in case you'd like to listen to that too!


What we went for with this playlist were songs or music videos that gave off either a spooky or eerie vibe or those that make you want to get up and dance! Let us know which one is your favorite!

1. BTS — "Blood, Sweat & Tears"

For obvious reasons. Also,

"He too was a tempter; He, too, was a link to the second, the evil world with which I no longer want to have anything to do" - RM

2. Taemin — "Criminal"

A lot of Taemin's songs give off a very sexy, spooky vibe. This music video, his outfits, and, the mood fit perfectly for Halloween!

3. ATEEZ — "The Black Cat Nero"

I feel like I don't need to explain this one too much. The outfits, make-up, and dark mood of the song sell themselves. Especially, the eerie vocals in the intro!

4. Stray Kids — "Venom"

It's the beat in this one that makes you feel like a techno spider is crawling up your spine and into your ears! Haha!

5. BLACKPINK — "Pink Venom"

Since we're on the theme of venom, we thought BLACKPINK's "Pink Venom" was the perfect fit for Halloween! The music video also screams spooky themes. Is anyone dressing as BLACKPINK for Halloween? The outfits would be so cute!

6. Enhyphen — "Drunk Dazed"

I know a lot of you may disagree with us on this one, because "Bite Me" exists but we feel like "Drunk Dazed" is the best for Halloween. Why? It sounds like a tragic vampire movie and the music video is quite mystical too!

7. Exo — "Wolf"

We were going to choose "Obsession" or "Monster" but we wanted to bring this legend back.

8. Red Velvet — "Psycho"

I feel like girl groups have the best outfits! "Psycho" is a great Halloween track! This concept inspired me so much that I dressed up inspired by it one year!

9. MONSTA X — "Shoot Out"

Our explanation:

"Walker walker walker growling (hey)" - Monsta X
"Uh, Joohunnit One Hunnit, yah.
Excuse me
I'm walkin' like zombie uh"

10. TXT — "Puma"

We struggled with this one. On the list of contenders, we also had "Good Boy Gone Bad" and "Devil by the Window". "Puma" won this time!


SHINee — "Married to the Music"

This one is self-explanatory. This song sounds like a party we'd like to be at!

BIBI — "Vengeance"

This music video gives off Korean Thriller/Horror movie vibes and we love it! Bibi's attitude also fits the Halloween vibe!

That was our Halloween Mood Playlist for this year! We hope you have a nice Halloween and stay safe and well! Stay safe out there and make wonderful memories! Comment below what songs you would have added to this playlist!


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