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Standing on both sides of the law, Honey Lee and Lee Jong Won make a formidable team!

After a very entertaining and laugh-out-loud premiere, we get a deeper look into the new rising K-drama Knight Flower's new tandem! Standing on both sides of the law, and with the most adorable dimples, Honey Lee and Lee Jong Won (The Golden Spoon 2023) join hands in the latest episodes! We break down what happened and what made it so entertaining!


Full of awkwardness and we love it that way!

Like a gust of fresh air from the Han River, Knight Flower is full of weird and awkward moments and we like it just like that! Jo Yeo Hwa (Honey Lee) is a noble lady in training during the day and the Joseon "Robin Hood" by night! Just when you think she is armed with the most adorable dimples that can get away with any situation, her very strict mother-in-law, Yoo Geum Ok (Kim Mi Kyung Welcome to Samdal-ri 2023), has her on a leash!

Starting with episode 3, Jo Yeo Hwa tries to be secretive about her night identity, but cannot hold in her urge to help others. Park Soo Ho (Lee Jong Won) is a stickler for the law and does whatever it takes to uphold it. Just when you think everything is serious and an action scene is about to erupt, Yeo Hwa makes it super funny and awkward that had us follow out of our chairs!

Charity work is important too!

We guess the term "noblesse oblige" (responsibility of privileged people to act with generosity and nobility toward those less privileged) also applies to Joseon noblewomen as well! Unable to hide her good nature, Yeo Hwa, while serving food to the poor, sees a grandmother living in an unstable shack. As the roof of the shack begins to quiver in instability, Yeo Hwa rushes to save her. Before the roof of the shack can cave in onto Yeo Hwa, Park Soo Ho slides in, like the smooth lawman that he is, and saves Yeo Hwa from getting hit by the roof! This being looked at as being "unladylike" back in the Joseon era, Yeo Hwa's mother-in-law quickly steps in to scold her. But not before one of the more senior, and more privileged women, cut her off to praise Yeo Hwa of her selflessness. We love it!

The word "luck" isn't in these two characters' vocabulary

Onto episode 4! As Park Soo Ho begins to suspect Yeo Hwa as the "Joseon Robin Hood", he begins watching her closely and starts to follow her. After being scolded by Minister Yeom about his lost tiger painting, he seeks out Yeo Hwa to find the real painting that she has stolen. After some words, Yeo Hwa promises to return Lord Yeom's painting, but in an accident, breaks the wooden crossbar and cherry blossom petals fly everywhere!

Yeo Hwa and Soo Ho need each other

One can get results by breaking the law, the other can use what the results are and turn it into something the law can judge. Yeo Hwa and Soo Ho create a partnership that is beneficial for them both. Yeo Hwa can do whatever is necessary to right wrongs and Soo Ho can step in and "clean up her mess" by using the law to arrest those she catches responsible for the recent child kidnappings.

Yeo Hwa divulges her thoughts that Kang Pil Jik is responsible for kidnapping children at the Pil Gambling House. Telling her that Joseon is a "nation governed by law" he will be the one arresting Kang Pil Jik instead. Thus, a new team is formed!

Unable to find the missing children at the Pil Gambling House, it is Yeo Hwa's turn to use her methods! Disguised as a very convincing Joseon man, She heads into the devil's lair. She finds that Pil's men are indeed kidnapping the children and selling them for higher interest.

Meanwhile, Soo Ho and his superiors cannot find any evidence and are forced to release Kang Pil Jik. It is found out that Kang Pil Jik has friends in high places as he has deep connections to the Royal Court, making him nearly untouchable.

We can't wait for the next episodes!

At the end of episode 4, just as we thought, there is someone even higher and in control of Kang Pil Jik who is Lord Ji Sung Seok! And cue the curtains! Wow! That's a lot to take in! Comment below with your thoughts on this series so far! What are your favorite moments? Do you like the relationship between the leads?


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