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“The Most Successful BTS Member” — Jungkook

Jungkook has been voted the "most successful" BTS member according to Forbes and ARMY!

Photo: Jungkook  Never let me go - Youtube.
Photo: Jungkook "Never Let Go" - Youtube.

Jungkook and the other members of BTS are in the middle of his mandatory service (June 11 is his discharge date).

Voted the "Most Successful Member" of BTS, Jungkook is about to return to the music industry, with the upcoming digital single by Jungkook entitled “Never Let Go", which will be released on June 7, 2024, at 1 PM KST!

Let's check out this fan reaction teaser!

Commemorating the 11th anniversary of BTS’s debut, “Never Let Go” is a song dedicated to their fanbase, ARMY. The track conveys a message of appreciation and love, urging the fans to continue holding on to each other. I think that this message will be relayed to his fans who have made many speculations over the time he has been completing his military service that he has missed them and is ready to come into their lives once again.

His fans have also noticed that this is incredible timing for his new solo music as it's BTS's 11th anniversary FESTA week, which marks a significant event in the fan's (ARMY'S) calendar. Also, it's important as it marks the first time in BTS and their fandom ARMY's history that most of the band members will not be present due to their ongoing enlistment. What do you think?

Let's take a look at another of his hits!

Now I like many of BTS's songs, and I think that they really lifted the K-pop industry along with BLACKPINK to an international audience. In terms of individual members, having performed at the World Cup in 2022 with his performance "Dreamers" Jungkook is, of course, more well-known individually, which has helped with his success as a solo K-pop artist.

I am excited to listen to the new album, and as for now I have not seen many teasers but instead heard speculation from fans. I think that having achieved the level of success that he has, his solo career should go down in K-pop history.

Who do you think is the most successful BTS member? Let us know in the comments below.


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