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5 Signs You Should End Your Relationship with Your Girl Best Friend from "Marry My Husband"! [Part 1]

Updated: Apr 25

They say friendship can withstand anything, but what if your girl best friend starts exhibiting alarming behaviors? We give you the warning signs you should be aware of if you think you're in a toxic relationship!

In the recent popular K-drama Marry My Husband, they shed light on the often-overlooked signs that might indicate it's time to reassess your bond. In this article, we will embark on a journey of self-discovery and relationship evaluation, so brace yourself for the shocking revelations from Marry My Husband!

1. Betrayal 

If your girl best friend betrays your trust by sharing personal information without consent or breaking promises consistently.

In this scene, Sumin (Song Ha Yoon) takes advantage of Ji Won’s (Park Min Young) purchase of coffee from outside the company premises to undermine her in front of their manager. Sumin raised her voice to ensure the manager heard her accusations that Ji Won was neglecting her duties by leaving work to buy food during working hours. This act involved sharing personal information to tarnish Ji Won’s reputation indirectly.

Following this confrontation, Sumin appeared pleased as she witnessed one of the supervisors expressing anger towards Ji Won after hearing Sumin’s words. This situation serves as a cautionary tale, highlighting the potential consequences of associating with individuals who engage in such behavior.

Therefore, it is imperative to distance oneself from individuals like Sumin, whose actions can lead to unwarranted complications and conflicts in both personal and professional spheres. Building a circle of trust with genuine and supportive individuals is crucial in navigating the complexities of workplace dynamics and safeguarding one’s reputation from potential harm.

2. Toxicity 

One another clear sign that it may be time to end your relationship with your girl best friend is when the friendship consistently brings negativity, drama, or stress into your life instead of providing positivity and support.

This became evident for Ji Won during a work break with Min Hwan. When Min Hwan asked Ji Won what she wanted to eat, Sumin quickly interjected, responding on Ji Won's behalf, almost as if the question was directed at her. She confidently stated, "I crave curry today. Let's get Indian." Sumin's gaze fixed on Ji Won, expecting her compliance. However, Ji Won didn't share the same appetite for Indian food and explained, "Sorry, I'm broke lately. Also, we have stir-fried pork at the cafeteria."

Ji Won suggested that Min Hwan take Sumin to get Indian, but Sumin insisted on joining them for stir-fried pork, disregarding Ji Won's preferences.

Feeling trapped, Ji Won reluctantly agreed, saying, "Yeah, okay," even though she had already expressed her opinion.

As they arrived at the restaurant, Ji Won's apprehension lingered. She couldn't shake off the feeling that something was amiss.

While they were serving themselves food, Ji Won noticed that Sumin’s plate was piled high with food. It seemed as though Sumin was intentionally trying to do something with the excess food on her plate, almost as if she was attempting to pour it onto Ji Won to make Ji Won regret not accompanying her to get the food that she loved. Ji Won’s heart sank. She had hoped for a supportive and understanding friend, but instead, the situation had taken a toxic turn. It felt like a deliberate effort to make Ji Won regret her decision and give in to Sumin’s wishes. Ji Won felt trapped, as if she couldn’t satisfy Sumin regardless of her actions.

This fear of her friend's reaction had become a recurring theme in their friendship. Ji Won realized that she had been walking on eggshells, constantly worrying about how her choices would be received by Sumin. It was emotionally exhausting, and she couldn't deny the toxicity that had seeped into their once-close bond.

As Ji Won observed Sumin's behavior, she began to question whether this friendship was truly healthy for her. True friends should uplift and support each other, not constantly impose their own desires and belittle the other person's choices. Ji Won deserved a friend who respected her boundaries and valued her opinions.

3. Gossiping and Backstabbing 

Engaging in gossip about you behind your back or spreading rumors that harm your reputation is detrimental to trust in the friendship.

Serendipity struck when Ji Won stumbled upon the startling revelation that Sumin was the mastermind behind the widespread animosity of their classmates during their school days.

It was at a long-awaited reunion with their high-school classmates after years of graduation that Ji Won overheard conversations among her peers, disparagingly discussing her. Determined and courageous, Ji Won sought the truth behind their hurtful words, as she couldn't fathom why they would speak ill of her when she had never wronged any of them. She confronted them, and their responses left her taken aback.

To her astonishment, Ji Won discovered that Sumin had been orchestrating a narrative that portrayed her as an envious and vindictive person, attempting to seize everything from Sumin and deliberately causing her sadness.

It turned out that Sumin, her best friend, had been orchestrating a campaign of hatred against her since their school days. Ji Won was shocked to learn that Sumin had been spreading false rumors about her, tarnishing her reputation she didn't even stop spreading rumors after their graduation, but also at work!

Overwhelmed by the need to vindicate herself, Ji Won realized that she had been compelled to prove her innocence due to the false information and rumors propagated by Sumin.

When faced with a toxic friendship where your closest companion spreads negativity and rumors instead of supporting you, it is crucial to cut ties. You deserve a life free from sadness, where you don't have to constantly defend yourself or live in fear of the information this supposed friend possesses.

4. Feeling Drained

If spending time with your best friend leaves you feeling emotionally drained, exhausted, or unhappy.

Ji Won hurriedly left the gathering, a long-awaited reunion to reunite the high school classmates after years of graduation. Instead of feeling delighted to see everyone again, she felt sad and drained. She had discovered that Sumin, her supposed best friend, had been spreading rumors about her for years. Ji Won's social circle had dwindled to just Sumin, thanks to the toxic environment created by false gossip.

Sumin's toxic behavior didn't stop after graduation; she continued trying to be a part of Ji Won's life, even interfering with her work and attempting to get close to her boyfriend. Ji Won constantly felt drained and unhappy due to Sumin's actions. She stayed with Sumin out of fear of being friendless, unaware that the rumors were the reason everyone treated her poorly. Sumin wanted to portray herself as kind for sticking around despite Ji Won being labeled as the "bad" one".

If you find yourself in a friendship that drains you, trust your instincts and be comfortable being alone, even if it means having no other friends temporarily. It's important to distance yourself from toxic relationships for your well-being.

5. One-Sided Relationship 

When you feel like you are always giving more in the friendship without receiving equal care and attention in return.

Sometimes in friendships, it can feel like you're always giving, forgiving, and helping without receiving the same care and attention in return. Ji Won experienced this firsthand with Sumin. Ji Won put so much into the friendship, hoping for a true friend, but instead found herself facing an enemy who competed with her in everything (work, projects, and even life..) and spread lies about her.

Every relationship in your life should provide support, whether it's sharing ideas, listening, or showing respect. Take a moment to think about your friendships. What do they bring to your life? Are you the one always helping, yet receiving nothing in return?

True friendships should uplift and nourish you. Surround yourself with people who reciprocate the care you give to them, and appreciate and support you. Life is too short to invest in toxic relationships where your efforts go unappreciated. Seek out those who truly value you and make sure your friendships bring you joy and growth.

Remember, deciding to end a relationship with your girl best friend is never easy. However, by paying attention to the signs and taking proactive steps, you can pave the way for a healthier future. Don't miss out on the upcoming installment of Marry My Husband [Part 2], as we will give you another 5 important signs that you shouldn't miss!


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