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A glimpse into the lives of South Korea's mega-rich! Let's take a look at Netflix's "Super Rich in Korea"!

What do a Singaporean tycoon, a luxury brand ambassador, a Pakistani royal family member, and an heir to an Italian luxury brand empire with a social media influencer with a staggering 50 million followers on social media have in common? They all chose South Korea as their playground and to spend their billions! We dive into Netflix's ultra-rich docuseries set to premiere on May 7, 2024, Super Rich in Korea!

Hosted by Got7's Bam Bam, comedian Cho Sae Ho, and Oh My Girl's fashion-trending Mimi, Super Rich in Korea promises to dive into the extravagant lives of South Korea's mega-rich. Bound by the love for Korean culture, we glimpse how these celebrities and heirs spend their fortunes in "The Land of the Morning Calm". Let's take a look at the cast!

David Yong — Singaporean, entrepreneur, venture capitalist, lawyer

David Yong is currently the CEO of Evergreen Group Holdings and has invested in various lifestyle and financial businesses across Singapore, Malaysia, Myanmar, Cambodia, Vietnam, and Korea. He also made his K-pop at age 34 in 2022 with Korean rapper Kid Milli! He also invested $10.2 million into K-pop group Fifty-Fifty.

Yoo Hee Ra — South Korean, aka "Korea's Paris Hilton"

Yoo Hee Ra (Aren Yoo) is a luxury brand ambassador. She currently models for brands like Miu Miu and has a YouTube channel.

Anna Kim — Pakistani royalty, entrepreneur

Anna Kim (Instagram
Anna Kim (Instagram

After being born into Pakistani royalty, Anna was raised in South Korea before returning to Pakistan to get married. She is very popular in Korean talk shows bridging the gap between South Korea and Pakistan.

Teodoro Marani — Fashion prodigy, heir to Albino Teodoro fashion house

Not only is Teodoro heir to the Albino Teodoro fashion house, but he is also a founder of a food and beverage company in South Korea! What makes Teodoro unique is that he loves visiting local Korean marketplaces to get inspiration in his everyday life.

Noor Naim — The Arab Kim Kardashian

With over 14 million followers on Instagram, super influencer Noor Naim is a social media mogul amassing over 20 million subscribers on her YouTube channel as well! From luxury to beauty items, Noor showcases on her YouTube channel.

Let us know if you'll be watching Super Rich in Korea! We're excited to hear what you have to say about this show!


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