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Netizens Are Heated On Whether "Fantasy Boys" Is Fair!

The most popular K-pop survival show Fantasy Boys has hit a snag! Minutes after episode 6 finished airing, netizens took to online forums to debate whether the show is fair based on the on-site voting results. Some argued that some of the boys were unfairly placed. We break down what happened!

Following episode 5 when the boys got to choose, by a random stroke of luck, their desired positions: rapper, vocalist, or dancer. Then each team was composed of two rappers, two vocalists, and three dancers. As each team performed, we were introduced to how they got along with each other and their struggles.

Here are some angry points netizens were angry about after the show!

"It's a popularity contest!"

Many netizens couldn't hold back their frustrations as they claimed the show was a popularity contest. With good reason! Examples included Kim Gyu Rae (from Team Really Really) clearing wasn't the best rapper but ended up as one of the top rappers. Meanwhile, Shiryu, the most veteran and professional dancer for years ended up giving a breathtaking outstanding performance of a lifetime that even shocked the judges! He ended up taking fifth in the rankings in the dancing category which proved that the show wasn't really based upon skill, but rather on popularity. Hong Sung Min took the top seat as the best dancer with an injured leg and didn't even practice the whole week! What an absurd contest!

One fan commented:

"I swear the on-site audience are either medically deaf or medically blind like no hate but some people were placed wrongly"

Another fan complained:

"What the actual f--.
The onsite voting is a popularity contest and the online voters must be confused due to the delayed broadcasts because these results are wack. I can't fathom this system and I'm at the end of my patience with this show."

Producer Jeon Seo Yeon is shocked by the voting results
Producer Jeon So Yeon is shocked by the voting results

This was just the tip of the iceberg of what fans really had to say about the show. Finally, the end of the episode really shocked fans as the fan favorite, Santa, dropped 23 spots, from 6th to 29th place! This made us realize that fans realized that it wasn't all about attractiveness and that the boys needed to step up to provide some quality performances!

It is clear that the show has many fan biases and the on-site voting system is flawed. Another viewer expressed their concern about the show.

"The on-site voting is extremely biased. It’s a popularity contest instead of voting for skills and talent. The people that should judge are the judges themselves. THIS IS BS.
I’ll watch here there for the boys I’m voting for but I won’t really care much about it now."

Do you think that the show will right itself? Will fans realize that not only their biases must be good-looking, but they must also possess the skill in order to pull off a memorable performance? Let us know your thoughts in the comments! We would love to hear your thoughts!

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May 15, 2023

Agree, please vote for participants who are really good and match the song. But all participants deserve the best. 🙌

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