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"Queen of Tears" star Kim Ji Won shares her most memorable scene! [Exclusive Interview]

Queen of Tears actress Kim Ji Won has started the "Kim Ji Won Syndrome" as fans go wild in the record-breaking finale on April 28, 2024! We take you through Kim Ji Won's amazing styling and visuals as well as her most memorable scene in an exclusive interview!

Known for her colorful stunning visuals from the beginning of Queen of Tears, Kim Ji Won represents the epitome of a third-generation chaebol and department store president. Opposite from her everyday style (which you should definitely check out!), the firm grasp of her skills in portraying a variety of genres including comedy, melodrama actress with real human emotions proved that she was an irreplaceable element in the show's astounding success!

For example, Kim Ji Won's superb skills in portraying joy and overwhelming sorrow were second to none! Her switch and change of emotions from her hallucinations to her psychological and emotional elements during her scenes with fellow star actor Kim Soo Hyun showed accurate depiction and attention to detail in her acting ability.

Kim Ji Won's tremendous ability to mesh well and have great chemistry with other actors on set caused the audience to laugh and cry as the finale solidified itself as the top tvN drama of all time with a whopping 24.9% viewership rating, according to Nielsen Korea.

Agency Ha Ji Eum Studio had an exclusive interview with the star actress giving us all a soothing farewell to the drama!

Q. Please tell us how you feel about Queen of Tears ending.

A. Hello, I'm Kim Ji Won, who played Hong Hae In in "Queen of Tears". I waited for the broadcast with nervousness and excitement as I filmed it for a long time, filling the four seasons. But thinking that it's already over, it feels short, and I'm a little disappointed. I sincerely thank you to all the people who enjoyed watching the drama, showed interest, and loved it.

Health is the most important thing. I hope you are always healthy and happy. Also, I hope you love your loved ones fully and without regrets. I will greet you with another work. Thank you.

Q. Your viewers loved it so much. How do you feel?

A: Thank you so much. I was able to enjoy the drama even more while watching the viewers' reactions. It was great to be able to enjoy the roller coaster and go up and down together.

Q. Do you have any memorable reactions, comments, etc. from your surroundings?

A. They were immersed in scenes that deserved to be angry and angry together, and seeing the reactions they enjoyed together in a fun scene, it felt amazing as the moments I filmed while thinking about "how would they watch this scene?" passed by.

I remember it was fun to receive a lot of threatening texts such as "Please let me know whether it is a happy or sad ending" and "What are you doing without taking back control of Queens?"

Q. I played characters with a wide range of emotions such as comic, melodrama, and human. Is there anything you wanted to pay special attention to while filming?

A: I tried to bring out the colors of each genre clearly. As the various emotions were moving so fast, I thought a lot about 'how can I make it more smooth?' and I think I tried to focus more on the scene where I was filming and the emotions of Hae In. I prepared this with the hope that this heart will be fully conveyed to the viewers.

Q. What was the most memorable scene while filming or watching the show? Any episode about the set?

A: The beginning of the 11th episode was the most memorable. There are moments when I monitor myself when I watch a broadcast, and I think the 11th episode was an episode that I watched while crying together. When my family was filming the scene where they found out that Hae In was sick, senior actors were not on the scene, but they were sad in front of the camera, so I was able to act because I was immersed in it. I remember crying a lot thanks to them.

Q. We filmed from happy moments to sad and painful moments in Germany. I don't think it would have been easy, but I wonder how you felt about filming.

A. I filmed a variety of emotional scenes, including the sweet appearance of the newlyweds in Germany, the first time I saw Hyun Woo's divorce application, and the emotional scene in front of the cathedral. After filming Hae In's fun and happy times to the most painful memories, it was a time to understand the feelings of the character Hong Hae In the most.

It wasn't easy because of the wide range of emotions, but I think we all tried to complete it while working hard together. I think it will be a memorable moment for a long time when Korean and German staff members communicated really hard and worked together to create a good scene.

Q. More than 10 actors, including Queens and Yongdu-ri, have been together for a long time. How was your performance?

A. I was very nervous because I didn't have much experience filming with so many seniors, but they relaxed from the beginning of the script reading. It was a really fun shoot.

Whenever I saw the seniors acting, I was amazed and focused on them. Those were the moments for me and for actress Kim Ji Won to learn from them. And there were many scenes where Queen's and Yongdu-ri's families got together, and at that time, I thought, "It's like a holiday." Every moment was a warm time.

Q. You've played various characters in the drama so far, what do you think "Hong Hae In" will remain as a memory for Kim Ji Won?

A. I think Hong Hae In will remain like a 'four-leaf clover' to me. Actually, the character's frustration time is not that long. I try to overcome it quickly even though I have a hard time. Those aspects have come to me like an 'icon of overcoming' and an "icon of positivity". I want to remember as Hae In like a "four-leaf clover" who overcomes difficult situations and gives me strength and hope.

Q. What will be the most memorable moment for the viewers? What would you like them to remember about "Red Sea Man"?

A: I think Hong Hae In had a lot of love, but she wasn't good at expressing it. As the story progressed, she tried to express it well. I hope those parts will reach out to the viewers who watched the drama and remember Hae In as a warmer friend than I thought.

Q. Lastly, say something to the Queen of Tears Red Haein!

A. You did a great job, Haein! I wish you all the best from now on. Thanks to you, I learned how to smile and wake up again when I was in a tough situation. Thank you. I hope that this year will be a year that conveys warmth from your heart, not just from your heart. Bye!

We hope you have also enjoyed Queen of Tears as much as we have! Comment below what were your favorite episodes and scenes!

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